Wednesday February 8th 2023 Moon in Virgo Sun in Aquarius Another Day Another Country/Region

Good morning Berlin, I hope you all got some good sleep. My talk tonight went really well. Thank you for your help. Tonight my Truman show has changed again. Now there are a lot of Argentinians and a few Hispanic people putting on my fake world. So I have to ask for your help again. Today will you all reach out to the leaders in Argentina especially the ones who are related to me. And I would also like to talk to the leaders of the other south American countries as well. If we can get all of South America on board and central America too, then we may actually have the whole world on board. I think this is the last content. But to be sure we should get the Australian leaders tuned in too. I think that really should be everyone. If you all can think of somewhere we have not reached, by all means please reach out to them. When people are in the dark my Dad seeks them out to use them to fight this war against me and you all for him. The only way we all get better is by talking to everyone. Ask my people in Argentina to get everyone tuned in. I know they are some fancy people down there. Thank you again for your help. I’m going to try to go to bed early tonight. They kept me almost all night with lead poisons last night. But progress always comes with a price. The sooner we can reach the world the sooner that price will decrease and hopefully disappear for us all. Especially reach out to the Argentinians in Florida and get them tuned in too. Actually Salem if you all are tuned in and awake will you all take care of the Argentinian ls in Florida. Florida was really big in my Truman show tonight.

Okay my communication hubs. Do your magic and I will talk to the people tomorrow evening. Thank you for being revolutionary and helping me. You all have made this possible and I will never be able to thank you enough. But I promise to work really hard to get us all better to pay you all back as much as I can. Because you deserve it.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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