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Based on what I have seen today in my Truman show, I’m guessing you all know that stressed hungry feeling I talked about last night. Crazy how we all have been set up to fail the same way no matter how different we think we are from each other. I ate really poisoned foods today and I’m coughing because they are poisoning me so much. I dont really know what to talk about today because I felt weird all day. It’s the poison. I woke up with a swollen left hand again from my heart failing. And today just felt weird. I got water that was not as alkaline as usual. But no one else bought my brand of ice cream since I bought it yesterday. This only happens when its really poisonous. I wonder what they put in it. And I got some steak today too. It was almost black on the inside. It definitely was not great or good for me. Now that my hunger feeling is under control more I need to fast more. Eating one meal a day is just too much for my organs when I’m poisoned this much. I love food because it gives me something to look forward to every day. I can look forward to walking Haywood too, but my Dad sends people to gang stalk me and poison me and Haywood when we walk. So it’s not as fun in the winter when it’s cold. But I suppose my Dad sends people to gangstalk and poison us when we eat our one meal a day too. So I dont really know what to look forward to every day or ever really. I took a shower today for the first time in like 3 weeks. My Dad sent people to poison me and gangstalk me in the planet fitness locker room. There really is no escaping the people who poison me and gangstalk me. They are constantly around. The church parking lot keeps them somewhat at bay. Only a few can come at a time. But there are always the people who go to the church who poison me. So it’s never ending. But its been like this my whole life. I really need to get away from people. People have never treated me right or well. I enjoy talking to you all, but I bet if I saw you in person most of you would poison me. When I think about that, it makes me sad. And if I think about it too long it makes me want to give up. So I’m not going to think about it.

Instead let’s talk about health. My brain is like Tetris. I love connecting the pieces and doing puzzles. I collect facts because eventually they add up to help me figure out life and people. On this adventure I have learned you all dont put together pieces like I do. So let me put some pieces together for you. Health is almost impossible. The misinformation we are given is overwhelming. I have been reading medical studies since about 2017. This is where the real answers can be found. I exist in a Truman show in real life and on the internet. However, I still get access to medical research. It’s hard for facts to be changed everywhere. So you have to find what you can where you can.

Let’s go over some basics. The holy trinity of health are gut bacteria, mitochondria, and epigenetics. Most diseases are mitochondrial dysfunction. Cancer, autism, autoimmune diseases, etc are all mitochondria dysfunctions. Mitochondria are the part of your cells that write messages in each of your cells. These messages equal out to be your epigenetics. To improve your health and epigenetics you have to improve your mitochondria. Everything that effects your gut bacteria effects your mitochondria and epigenetics. It’s like a chain reaction. Improve your gut bacteria and it will improve your epigenetics. And even the tiniest changes make a difference in your epigenetics. Because your body is always replacing your cells and recycling old damaged ones whenever possible.

So the infections we have effect our epigenetics because they effect our gut bacteria. Autoimmune diseases are your body being overwhelmed with infections along with having fatty liver and leaky gut. All disease starts in the gut. Food is thy medicine just like that one fancy Greek guy said. Hippocrates. People with autoimmune diseases have an overgrowth of c diff, which means they also have too much free floating calcium in their blood stream. But they also have an overgrowth of viruses. Ebv is often found in people with autoimmune diseases. It’s the virus that causes strep throat. Everyone pretty much has it. But people with autoimmune diseases have an overgrowth of it and it triggers the immune system. Their immune system is attacking itself because it is overgrown with bad bacteria and viruses. And it wont stop till these things are cleaned up.

In Arizona I healed quite a few autoimmune issues. Stopping with eating vegetables was the biggest thing that helped me. I’m not sure how much of this is the vegetables and how much is the poison the people who work at the grocery stores put on it. But I have not really gone back to eating vegetables and I dont think I ever will fully. Potatoes and rice and garlic are the only real plant foods I do okay with. I have not really tried a lot because they made me so sick in the past. I dont believe we are intended to eat as many plants as we are told to. For instance avocados were introduced as mainstream foods in the 1980s. Avocados feed c diff greatly. The are really fatty and have fiber in them. Anything really fatty feeds c diff. Fiber feeds c diff. I used to love avocados, but when I ate them a lot they made me sick. I’m sure once in awhile is okay. But I know they are not meant to be a staple in anyone’s diet. Another example is lettuce and greens. I have never felt more sick than when I tried to eat greens a lot. Greens have oxalates that damage your kidneys. With our c diff infections that already damage our kidneys, we dont need to damage them more. I feel best when I eat animal based and dont let protein go through my colon as much as possible. Protein in your colon or large intestine feeds your c diff infection. Plus meats have alkaline poisons so they hang out in your colon too long. This is so they grow c diff and will cause bad bacteria to grow, not just c diff but all bad bacteria. SIBO, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, is pretty much something we all have but it is really bad in people with autoimmune diseases and cancers. All disease starts in the gut. If you dont feel well address your gut bacteria.

I have eaten raw beef because it bypasses my colon. Raw meat get absorbed in the small intestine mostly. A great way to cleanse your body of c diff is to stop eating protein that goes through your colon. And an ever better way is to stop eating fiber. I dont eat fiber, except for resistant starch. Because resistant starch feeds your butyrate producing gut bacteria which fights your c diff infection. We all have infections. I’m not sure if the free floating calcium feeds all bad bacteria but it does feed c diff. And if you drink coffee that feeds all bad bacteria because it has prebiotic fiber in it. Everything we eat is designed to kill us. The best thing you can do is fast. One meal a day is how I have been able to survive. Since being an adult most of my life I have eaten one meal a day. Snacking will kill you literally. It’s best to just eat in a short period of time. Because every time you eat it spikes your insulin. And insulin feeds all the bad bacteria and viruses in your body. Insulin feeds disease and it causes your body to be more alkaline. Which also allows for the bugs in your body to grow faster. The sooner your body is overwhelmed with bad bacteria and viruses and parasites and heavy metals the sooner you will be sick and you will buy into the systems more. The sooner you become diseased the easier it will be to brainwash you. Because people who are malnourished are easier to brainwash and more susceptible to suggestion. When you have an overgrowth of bad bugs they steal your nutrients. When you are too alkaline you dont absorb as much nutrients from your food. Everything aims at making you malnourished. When you constantly spike your insulin by snacking and eating sugar you dont absorb nutrients as well because your ph is too alkaline. It’s all a big circle that always leads back to your gut bacteria. You are a bug. You are more parasite virus and bacteria cells than you are human cells. You are a bug. But you have to cultivate your good bugs. Everytime you use antibacterial anything you are killing yourself. Hand sanitizer was invented so you would kill yourself. C diff does not die because of hand sanitizer. C diff is a spore. However your good bacteria that helps you fight c diff does die from using hand sanitizer. Just like antibiotics kill your good gut bacteria. There are a ton of natural antibiotics that dont kill off your good gut bacteria as much as antibiotics. Kids like me are overfed antibiotics because our families like us to be close to death so we are easier to control. The better your gut bacteria the more free you will be. The better your gut bacteria the more influential you will be. Our bodies know way more than our brains do.

Mirror neurons are your humanity. Monkey see monkey do. You have heard that saying right? Its about mirror neurons. When you see someone do something your brain reacts as if you are doing the thing. This is why commercials and TV shows with people eating spikes your insulin. You see someone eat and your body reacts as if you are eating. Monkey see monkey do. However the better your gut bacteria the less vulnerable you will be to doing what other people do. Our brains are hard wired for survival. Your brain and body are wired to copy the best of your species. If you see someone sick and dying you are less likely to do what they do. Because your body and brain want you to survive. It’s all about darwinism. Survival of the fittest. So when you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria viruses and parasites you are going to be more susceptible to following the lead of the wrong people. This is how my Dad has created a world of survival of the weakest. He wars on people’s gut bacteria because the more disbiosis they have the more they will follow him without thinking or questioning. This is why my Dad gets people who join his cult to do things that feed their c diff infections. The sooner he can eliminate the check and balance in your brain and body to only follow the strong and successful people of your species, the sooner you will be a 100% willing cult member who is blinded to your own survival needs.

There are a lot of ways this world is intended to kill us all. We are stolen from ourselves every day in countless ways. And most of the time it comes down to gut bacteria and disbiosis (which is just a fancy word for overgrowth of bad bacteria). Eating fermented foods is one of the best things for your gut bacteria and life. However, the Koreans aren’t amazingly healthy because they eat red spices in most of their fermented foods. Red spices feed c diff. Most spices feed c diff or kill your good gut bacteria or both. Cinnamon is a killer. It kills everything allowing for c diff to take over. The sooner your c diff infection is bad, the sooner your organs will fail and the sooner you will develop chronic illnesses and then cancer and terminal illness. And the sooner you are malnourished the sooner you will be easily brainwashed.

I don’t know what we can do to make this all better besides start over. The first thing is you need to stop feeding your infections and viruses and parasites and clean the heavy metals out of your body. However, the good news is it can be done. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t possible. And I have been destroyed and almost murdered my whole life. So it should be way easier for you.

If I was going to just start this journey today let me tell you where I would start. I would stop eating fruit completely it damages your liver. I would stop eating gluten it damages your liver and feeds c diff. I would reduce or eliminate fiber. I would start intermittent fasting. Start dry fasting at night. Eat more beef. Eat fewer vegetables. Just make small changes. But really cut out as many spices and sauces as possible. Even salt and pepper. Pepper has oxalate and salt spikes your insulin. Everything has been a lie and destruction. You just have to see life for what it is. Your c diff infection makes you an addict and food is most of our first addiction. We all need to look at life as recovery. We have to recover from the destruction and what we have been taught. Because often drugs are way healthier than food nowadays. Drugs are probably why I am alive. I dont do any now, but they allowed me to get my dopamine fix without using food. We all need to find ways to get our dopamine fix without using food or destruction. Me too I need to stop eating every day and I know it. Yet I ate again today. It’s a process. We will never be perfect. But we just have to aim to be better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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