Wednesday July 20 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Cancer Fasting in a Desert Cemetery in Prineville

Wednesday July 20 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Cancer Fasting in a Desert Cemetery in Prineville

I have been fasting since I ate lunch in Redmond on Monday. Over the past week or so I have realized so much about my health. Back in March I had a huge C Diff flare from eating cooked food/meat and drinking wine. It was awful. My family was literally trying to make my insides explode. They made all the vitamin c and aloe that I tried to purchase fake and super watered down. Vitamin C makes ya pooh when taken in large doses. So since March I have been figuring out how to overcome my C Diff infection. I always knew I had some kind of infection and I have been taking natural antibiotics since 2015. However, I finally figured it out on this adventure. With the help of my frenemy Amber who is helping to destroy me for my family. I can’t complain too much though because she watches my dogs while I work. I have to be grateful. I just have to figure out all the madness and not give into the destruction. Amber is from California and lived in Redding. Does that mean she is one of you alls people? I have been wondering for a long time who her people are. If she is one of you all, can you tell her to tone down the destruction? I dont know the rules, but any help is appreciated.
So back to my story I have figured out how to overcome my C Diff and support my kidneys. Kidney health and c Diff go hand in hand. A bad c diff infection makes your kidneys fail and back up. And when your kidneys fail and back up it makes your c diff infection grow. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Over the past couple months while I was working on Washington and getting them on board with being revolutionary and when I came back to eugene to work at B and R auto wrecking I took garlic everyday all day. It worked to clear up so many things in my body. However, garlic is alkaline. So over the past month I have been hecticky trying to figure out what is wrong with me because I was starving and my skin was getting flabby and I wasn’t absorbing nutrients from my food or vitamins. Like I said before I even gave in and ate chocolate cake and I have to admit it was heavenly even though it did not help fix my problems. Sugar is alkalizing so it made things worse. But I have to admit that eating s lemon with my chocolate cake made it manageable. Sometimes it takes making your body freak out to figure out the root problem. I had not changed anything except the garlic and showering everyday, like long showers. My family makes the water cold when I shower so I was enjoying warm showers for the first time in awhile. I should have known it was a weapon of destruction. When I work I like to shower everyday. I may have to stop doing that or learn to just be really quick. I stopped washing my hair every day earlier this year when I came back to Oregon from California where I spent the winter. I didn’t mean to go south for the winter it just kind of happened. But boy oh boy I learned a lot there and reached a ton of people. I learned about the chip in my head there. It was a growth opportunity and experience. I had known someone was in my head since Vegas when I stopped smoking and taking my anxiety pills. However I never would have guessed it was my family and 1980s technology. Figuring out my head is why I know so much about where sensations come from in my brain. I have to analyze everything that I think and feel to know if its really me or just a suggestion put there by design to destroy me. If I can overcome the chip in my head you all can overcome the brainwashing outside your head.
So over this weekend I realized all my health problems got way worse when I stopped smoking and taking anxiety pills in Vegas. Its because they would poison my things so much it made my body really acidic and when I stopped I got really alkaline really quickly. I ballooned up and got fat so fast I got huge stretch marks again. I had paid to have all the ones I got from my mom torturing me as a kid removed. But stretch marks are fixable just like most things people are told are permanent. Your skin is a detox organ and really amazing and forgiving. It literally hugs you all day everyday. If you have loose skin its cause you are missing enzymes and your ph is too alkaline. I just figured out the alkaline part this week. I knew the enzymes part.
So basically I needed to do some fasting not only to make up for the chocolate cake and the eating everyday the past month, but I needed to change my ph and get it more acidic. They have the water so alkaline that I am able to purchase and they have made my vitamins weapons of destruction by making them alkaline producing. Everything they can rig to be a weapon of destruction they do. But you all know this. So I layed in the sun a couple days, enjoyed the heat, and fasted. I feel so much better. Especially now that I understand what is happening. They still poison me a lot and so it takes me a long time to figure things out. Plus with all the brain washing my sense of self gets lost in the sauce a lot still. I get so focused on winning my revolution I forget to take care of myself. You know Einstein’s hair? That’s what us Asperger’s people are like when we are working on a project. This revolution is the biggest project I have ever attempted. And I have written 2 ebooks and naturally healed cancer. Ps. Take worm pills if you have cancer they work the best. And get your body as acidic as possible. Well at least your digestive tract.

So tomorrow I go do laundry and eat and get some water to give my kids a bath again. I did not wash their towel before I left eugene like I knew I should because of an implanted thought. So they got fleas again when I used it yesterday after giving them a bath. Long story, but fasting in a desert cemetery is really peaceful. I spent months in a cemetery in Santa Fe last summer just trying to figure this shit all out because there is no military there only airforce and Santa fe had some special rule that kept the dark side out of city limits. It was beautiful. Santa Barbara last fall had the same thing. I’m learning slowly but surely there is so much to names and places. I always wondered why I didn’t have a middle name. My mom told me it was a family tradition because she had a middle initial too from her father’s first name. I still haven’t figured out who my grandpa Kudearoff was, but I hope to one day. I know my grandma Kudearoff had a dad that was in the military and from what I guess is he was fancy during world war 2.
I remember Hitler and his wife. They were my great grandparents. They seemed nice. Share croppers in Texas. My great grandpa raised homing pigeons. My Mama stine baked a lot especially pecan pie. I had no clue they were great evil. They taught me my love of small dogs. I waited my whole life to get dogs. At 33 I had retired from the adult industry. I never did porn because I didn’t want to embarrass my family. Boy was I wrong. They probably got me the invitation. I could have been on showtime.i dont regret it though because it wasn’t something I loved. I loved dancing it is my passion. Pole dancing made me so happy and allowed me to survive this madness. I dont regret giving it up either. Life is about phases and growth and evolution. We all have to keep growing.

Thank you for listening to me ramble. Only two people came to gang stalk me today. That’s pretty good statistics. I may not have anything all the way figured out, but I’m just a human just like you. Can you say you have anything figured out all the way? Because there are always changing variables to take into account.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves