Wednesday July 20th 2022 Moon in Aries Sun in Cancer A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Wednesday July 20th 2022 Moon in Aries Sun in Cancer A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

So you just learned that you have the opportunity to do something you only dreamed of. Never did you think you would actually get this opportunity. And yet here you are feeling sad, depressed, helpless, and hopeless. When in actuality you should feel blessed, grateful, excited, and happy even if you are a bit nervous. Nervous and excitement are the same feeling. You just have to frame the situation logically.

Do you know why you are feeling these feelings that dont match the situation at hand? Its by design. The air traffic has been busy today and I’m sure the cars are in on it too. Out here is not as bad as in the valley where there is a constant cloud of poison covering us and dictating our emotions. Emotions can be manipulated but logic cannot be altered without withholding information and brainwashing. This is why my family likes to keep everyone in their emotional brain and addicted to their feelings. You are easy to control when you are addicted to your feelings. All they have to do is send out some air traffic and you are putty in their hands. Are you tired of being a puppet yet? I know I am.

Let me teach you how to reframe your emotions. Sure you are feeling kind of lousy and sad, but does that really reflect what is happening? Two families of the greatest evil in the war games created a super soldier genius daughter to rule the world. However she back fired on them and wants to team up with you the people instead of continuing enslaving you all as the generations before her have done. Not only is she determined, she has survived the unthinkable and done things no one else could imagine doing. The fact that she is alive is the closest thing to proof a lot of people have ever seen in the tangible world that God exists. She freely hands out information that will allow you to save yourself from the covert war. Because that’s all this is, it’s a covert war. If it was an overt war maybe your feelings would be warranted. However a covert war only gets the power over your life that you allow it. Sure there are certain things you are required to do but there are countless things you can covertly do differently in your personal life that will change everything. Change the equation.

How do you get yourself to feel excited and happy even though your scared? You remember last week when none of this was a reality and you remember how hopeless for better you felt. You dig deep and find the hope you thought you would never be able to embody. Because in this moment you have so many things to be hopeful for. When you know how you are being destroyed you can take action to save yourself. That’s all it takes. You just have to try, even though you have been conditioned to feel helpless in all ways.
Trying is hard. You won’t always succeed. However you will have a better life because when you get in the driver seat of your life you empower yourself. Taking your power back is the most important step you will ever take. You are in control of your own life.

Sure there are some poisons in the air today to encourage you to never take your power back. But that just a nocebo the opposite of placebo. Instead of something making you think there will be positive results, its something put in your human experience to make you believe you will get negative results. This belief makes you manifest those negative results. It may have been unconscious in the past, but now that I have made you consciously aware, what are you going to do about it?

My family is powerless unless you give your power away. They create smoke and mirrors everywhere to make you think you are not in control and that you are helpless. However, if you were so helpless would there have to be so many things to destroy you and create disease in you and brainwash you to get you to succumb to the covert war. You are the most powerful thing in the universe. Humans are magical. We have more power than we have ever been told. I’m a genius and I read a ton of books. Why do you think people are my favorite special interest besides health and wellness? We are amazing beyond belief. Dont allow the smoke and mirrors to convince you otherwise. Hold tight to hope because it’s part of your birthrights and destiny. Just like it’s my purpose to stay alive and change the world. Its your purpose to do it right along with me. We all were born to create this change. So that the ones who come after us will get to experience all the things we dreamed of. And we will get a sweeter life too. Sure it will take some hard work, but anything worth doing is going to be challenging. Life is about taking the road less traveled.

Dont allow your feelings and emotions that have been planted in you by design to keep you small work. You are the deciding factor. Your vote is the vote that matters. Choose logic over emotion. Logically it is time for us all to get better. We deserve better. If we dont try now we won’t even be human on a genetic level in another generation. This is the only chance we have. No one else in my family is a good person. So you have to decide to be strong and overcome the smoke and mirrors even though it’s scary and the unknown. We know the known and that’s even more scary because now we have the words to describe the pain we all have felt for a lifetime.

Be revolutionary with me, and put your emotions aside because now is a time for logic.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

We are the best and the brightest you know. That has to count for something!