Wednesday July 27 2022 Moon In Cancer Sun In Leo What Have Not Said?

. This whole revolution, all 484 days, have been about truths unsaid. I have been going around spewing truths just trying to find the right ones to tell to the right people. It’s been a painful process, but when I line the right truth up with the right people I feel free its the most rewarding feeling I have ever known.

What have I not said to convince the farmers it’s worth working together with me and taking this last chance we have to stop my Dad from eliminating all the checks and balances within the war games. My Dad is one step away from being a dictator in all ways. He has achieved this goal in most places, but has one group of people who stand in the way of his full realization of dictatorship. These are the farmers, but mostly the Southern LA farmers. And then of course there is me. The biggest mistake he ever made was underestimating me. He overestimated his ability to sell me on evil, materialism, and privilege. However, that farmers have bought into these things. So why would they not want to team up with me to gain more privilege and power in the long term?

You know why? Because they are scared of loosing things. Materialism is a very hard addiction to break. Even when you have been kept small and had your potential limited you value what you have been allowed. You value things because they can’t be taken away from you. Hoarders are a perfect example. They feel powerless and out of control unable to feel love from the people around them so they turn to things to comfort themselves. It may look like junk to the outside world, but its comforting to their heart, soul, and nervous systems.

Can you imagine how hard it is to give up these things when they are the socially acceptable nice things we all are taught to strive for? I can imagine because I have done it. Giving up everything is hard, but if I hadn’t had to do this on my own I dont think I would have had to sacrifice so much. See I went from living in a 5 bedroom house with a pool to living in my Jeep with nothing in the past 5 years. I was a taken care of woman who didn’t work did a lot of shopping and focusing on the exterior and superficial things in life. It was an empty existence that made me feel dead inside. However, my privilege made me feel special. I knew I was lucky to have achieved a life that allowed me this kind of freedom. However it wasnt freedom all those things were chains keeping me stuck in old patterns and ways that were designed to kill me. Destruction was the only option if I chose to keep going in that way of life. Sure I would have had a nice looking life and home on the outside but it would have just been a casket for my body. Dying on the inside and waiting for your body to follow is not living. It’s just a socially acceptable death.

Giving into the unknown is scary, but it’s the only way you can get things you never dreamed of. I can’t promise you all won’t loose things. But what I can promise is if you all dont team up with me and keep me safe you will loose Everything. Now that you know what’s happening my Dad will war on you even harder. He doesn’t take it easy on people for taking it easy on him. He goes to war because he can’t get out of his reptilian brain because he is stuck in a fear state that reflects and looks like anger. He’s scared because he knows you all have the power to change the game on him and he doesn’t have the time left to overcome a new game. And my Brother is not prepared for a new game. His potential has been limited even more than mine, even starting with the number of gene mutations he has. My Dad has rigged the system to be the most powerful. However I have showed you all the wizard behind the curtain and how he has made you all believe that you are powerless. When in actuality you are his biggest opposition, just like me. If we come together as we are destined to I promise to sell the world on being revolutionary. Because we all deserve it. I promise to never stop being me. And I promise to find the people who will overtly support us in this covert war. I admit I have no clue who our allies should be. But I have a feeling we need to start in Argentina. Something has been pulling me there. What has my Dad done to them? He wants to block everyone from Mexico to Argentina out. So I believe these people to be our allies. Especially if we explain what’s happening. There are way more people south of Mexico than there are in the United States. And the epigenetic triggers are way more exaggerated in Southern California and south of Mexico. Privilege will be our biggest enemy. My Dad will always offer privilege to those looking to support us. However, look around you. Have you noticed how the war games have changed? In the past week we have created a new game. The people who value destruction above all else have dropped out of the war games. Now we are just faced with people who seek privilege because they have never had enough. The future hoaders of America. Hoarding is a mental illness so we will have to take a different approach to overcoming them because logic won’t work. Hoarding has to do with protecting your basic human needs, but your emotional needs. How do we fulfill the emotional needs of people who have never had them fulfilled before? We go to church and teach them unconditional love. When people know unconditional love they can move mountains. Why do you think my dad killed my Grandma and never allowed another human to love me? Unconditional love is the most powerful thing in the world. Unconditional love of money is what allowed the Nazis to escape to Argentina. You get to choose what you allow yourself to unconditionally love. Money and things are great and they live nice. But unconditional love in human form is worth waging wars over because its priceless. My Dad has stolen human unconventional love from us all. I want to show the world what unconditional love can do for us all. We have to unconditionally love ourselves more than money and privilege and things, but we have never been taught how to do this. We have been genetically modified to never even consider it. I want to show the world a new way. A way that allows us all better down to a gene level. I can’t promise to make your bank balances go up like my Dad can. However I promise to fill your hearts with so many feelings that show you what the human experience is really about.

The old ways are going to kill us all. We really dont have much time or much to loose. Everything will change because everything has been set up to make us fail and destroy us. We have to be okay with this change and open to new ways and traditions.

Farmers I understand now that I am asking you to take part in WW3. I knew it was within my birthrights to start world wars. But I did not start it. My Dad started this world war before I was even born. However, the world is not aware of this covert world war 3. You all weren’t aware of this covert world war 3. How long will you be able to sleep at night knowing my Dad is turning the world south of Mexico into a concentration camp even more than he is turning the United states into one? Can you all rest with that on your conscience? Especially knowing what our relatives did to the world in World war 2. This will be worse. This destruction the world will never recover from. Never recover from. How important do your material possessions seem now when you realize you are valuing them over the well being of people who are unable to stand up for themselves?

This is our birthrights. It’s not just mine, it’s yours too. This is the moment you get to decide who you really are. Are you going to be like our ancestors who ran from accountability for their war crimes? Or are you going to stand with me and say this is not right and even though I could continue to profit off the pain of others I will no longer stand by and just watch the destruction in silence going along with the crowd. Sometimes the crowd is wrong and it only takes a small handful to create a new crowd.

Join me in being revolutionary, it’s our birthrights. It won’t be easy, but it’s our destiny to show the world love rather than hate.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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