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I need to talk to everyone. But I have some things I need to say to the farmers and to the Danish leaders. So get everyone tuned in. I will give you all some time.

Okay here is what’s on the agenda for tonight’s talk

  1. I want to talk to everyone about fatty liver, gluten, and then parasitic versus symbiotic relationships.
  2. Then I need to talk to the farmers about how to ferment the earth.
  3. Then I need to talk to the Danish leaders.

Those are the main points for tonight. So buckle in we have a lot to cover tonight.

First, I need you all to know gluten causes fatty liver. This is why so many processed foods have gluten in them. Wheat has been genetically modified to have exponentially more gluten. This is because it feeds c diff and causes fatty liver. In the early 1980s only alcoholics had fatty liver. Now we all have it to some degree. This is why everyone has anger issues. The liver represents anger in Chinese medicine. If you have a hard time controlling your temper or dealing with your emotions you have a liver problem. If you have anxiety or fear issues you have kidney problems. Most people have liver and kidney problems because everything attacks your liver and kidneys. But c diff attacks your kidneys. The best way to fight the damage to your liver and kidneys is with butyrate producing gut bacteria. Butyrate is magical. It helps with everything. It even makes you smarter. I dont know about you all, but anything that makes me thinner and smarter I am all for. It basically makes you a happier healthier more productive human. So you need to feed your butyrate producing gut bacteria and not with genetically modified wheat products. However, you also need to eat a lower fat diet. And by lower I just mean keep it under 100 grams a day. If somedays you can do 50 that’s good too. But the lower the better your gut bacteria will be. A high fat and high salt diet kills your gut bacteria. And by all means you need to quit eating cinnamon. Cinnamon kills you. I know it tastes good because we have been conditioned to like it. But mint and cinnamon kill your gut bacteria. I did enjoy mint tea when I was healing my sibo aka small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. However, I am adamant about not eating cinnamon and pepper and spicy foods. I’m alive because I have cultivated my gut bacteria. I dont have a lot of tools to rely on currently or for the past 2 years. However I am alive because I know what not to eat. Granted I am always learning more. But spices kill your gut bacteria even more than a high fat diet. I am not perfect and I dont know everything. But I know I am alive because I stopped eating spices and I started cultivating my gut bacteria. Gut bacteria is the only way out of this mess we all are in.

Also, I learned a lot about my food intolerances this week. I learned I dont have food intolerances. I just am not able to eat large amounts of poison without having a reaction. Today my food from Walmart was just as poisoned as the food I used to eat at my Mom’s house. The people who work at the grocery stores and Walmart and Target etc are killing us all. It’s not just me. It’s all of us. Sure my Dad changed the food so it causes disease. But it’s mostly the poison the people at the grocery stores put on the food that kill us all. I’m not the only one they are killing. They are killing you too just slower. I’m hoping you all will help me convince the people who work in the food industry that we all deserve better. I say we should poison them all until their organs fail. Just like they want to make our organs fail. What’s fair is fair right? I think that if they stop poisoning our food we will be motivated to treat them fairly. But right now they are killing us all. They just want to kill me quicker. So I feel it more. Fatty liver isn’t normally painful. It’s a silent disease with not many symptoms. It’s scary. And this is what leads to heart disease and kidney disease and thyroid disease. And it leads to cancer and autoimmune diseases too. So if you have one of these secondary conditions and you aren’t addressing your fatty liver you will never get better. The people who work at the food places including restaurants grocery stores bars coffee places all want you all to die. I can’t even buy a slurpee or water that doesn’t make my organs fail. But they are poisoning you all too. It’s just in smaller amounts so you dont feel it like I do. Plus, my nervous system is hyperactive so I feel it more. I hope you all take my word for it and declare war on these people. Because I dont know how you all feel about being murdered everyday but I sure hate it. People try to kill me everyday and I am not alone. They try to kill you too, just slower and more painfully. At least they want to put me out of my misery quickly. They want you all to live for a long time in pain and suffer. And they want you all to think you are the reason you are dying. But really people are just killing you. I say declare war and fight back against the people killing you. The food arrives clean to the grocery stores and restaurants. It’s the people who work there who are killing us all. Poison them and give them what they wish on us every day. What’s fair is fair until they stop right? Are we just supposed to sit back and take it till we all die? Channel the anger from your damaged liver and show these people who is boss. We dont have to just take being killed. We can fight back. Look at me. I’m alive because I fight back. Look at how I changed the world. You can change the world too. You are not helpless. You deserve to fight back. You dont have to just sit back and let people kill you. You deserve better. God tells you that you deserve better. Listen because he is right. No one deserves to be killed every day. I wish I was the only one who understood what it was like to experience daily attempted murder. But we live in a world where we all know what it is like. Some of us just realize it more than others. When people poison you or your food or water or coffee they are attempting your murder. Really think about what is happening to you every day. I hope you fight back with me. You deserve better and we all deserve better. We can get this better and over power the systems. Look at what I have done. Look at what the world has helped me do. This revolution has changed the world. We can create change if we choose to. We don’t have to accept how things have always been. You deserve better. Fight back. Channel your anger so it doesn’t eat you alive and create disease in your body. Emotions are energy in motion. Move them out of your body, fight back.

Okay next I want to go over parasitic relationships versus symbiotic relationships. The world has turned into a bunch of parasites. I love bacteria because bacteria are logical. Good bacteria are not parasitic. Good bacteria want you to live. Because if you live as their host, then they have a home and get to live too. Good bacteria want what is best for you because it is what is best for them. They are logical. They want potential and to keep their home in good working order and condition.

Bad bacteria are parasitic. Bad bacteria will kill their host. They dont care if they kill their host even though that normally means they die too. They dont care. They are so selfish they will destroy and feed off their host so much that they both die. C diff is a parasitic bacteria. It causes all kinds of diseases and kills its host even though that means it will go back into spore form and be inactive once it finishes feeding off the dead body. And it will stay inactive until it finds calcium and another place to live. C diff doesn’t really die, but it’s not alive when it’s inactive.

I don’t know about you all but I enjoy feeling alive. I enjoy having a good home and keeping it in good condition. I enjoy being around happy people who make my life better and don’t try to kill me. The thing is I have never met a person who wanted to have a symbiotic relationship with me. Have you ever met a human who wasn’t parasitic? I wonder what it is like to be one of you all all the time. Because all I have known is destruction and parasitic relationships that cause me death and disease. I am so good at being alone because people have always treated me poorly. Sure I get lonely. But then I talk to someone and I remember how awful people are. It just takes a few words and I’m reminded of how parasitic people are. I want so badly to build a new world. But until I can find people who understand building symbiotic relationships none of us are going to get the better we all deserve.

My Dad is a parasite. He will use and abuse people until they die. He did this with my grandma Kudearoff, Kris Uffins, and Brenda Holloway. Those are just a few. No one becomes a better human around my Dad. He has created a world where people only want and seek out relationships where they get to be parasitic and feed off another until they die. This is not how humanity or the world works. This is not natural. It goes against biology. Everyone dies when we partake in parasitic relationships. Everyone dies, even the parasites. And no one gets potential. No one ever gets to experience who they were truly meant to be. Parasitic relationships are costing us all everything. It goes against the universe, biology, and God to be the way we are. This is not natural. Even good bacteria know better than most humans. This is why I love bacteria. Bacteria is more logical than most humans. A one cell organism understands more about survival and having a good life more than most humans. It’s pretty sad the world we live in. Bacteria are really amazing. They put us all to shame every day.

Okay next up we have the farmers. Buckle up I have a lot to tell you all. I had my meeting with Serena at Keller Williams today. As it stands today I’m not going to be able to make enough money to buy a farm and walk you all through fermenting the earth and people and undoing the damage you all helped my Dad create. So I am going to give you all the blueprints to what you need to know and do to fix the earth. And I’m going to put it in very simple terms because I don’t know how to say it any other way.

So you know how vodka is better the more times it is distilled? I love a good potato vodka that is distilled multiple times. Fermenting the earth is the same idea. Except instead of distilling things we need to ferment things. I have come up with a 4 step distillation process we need to do. Actual it’s more than 4 steps, but it’s simple, but not really easy. But it makes sense. So dirt is the answer, but so are cows. Cows and worms are how we are going to ferment the earth. It’s a process.

  1. Step 1 is ferment the grain the cows eat. They can have grass and hay, but they need 2 meals a day that have been fermented. And those two meals need different bacteria. The morning meal needs to be fermented with kombacha that has been made with green and black tea. Kombacha is amazing because it has not only bacteria but it also has yeast that our bodies need. The green and black teas offer different bacteria. They are best when mixed. Black tea is a fermented tea. So it adds another layer of fermentation aka distillation just the opposite. This concoction will help grow the bugs we need to heal our liver. But the process starts with cows.
  2. Collect the manure from the cows and mix it with compost that is nearly done. This can be from all organic matter. As long as its not fat, dairy, or meat it can be used. So you all need to compost all the organic matter on your farms. It’s important because that stuff is the earth and we need to heal it. So collect the compost and the manure and mix it together.

I forgot to tell you all what the second meal every day is that the cows need to eat. Mornings are kombacha fermented grains with black and green tea. It doesn’t take a lot of kombacha. Bacteria grows like wild fire in good conditions. So just use a little and ferment the grains for a couple or a few days.

Their afternoon or lunch and dinner meal needs to be fermented grains using the bacteria that grows in the mixture of cabbage, garlic, turmeric, and ginger. These are the bacteria that kill c diff and cancer and autoimmune diseases. These help our body produce k2 which helps us absorb calcium. This too is a magical mixture of bacteria. Again a little bit will ferment the grains when given a couple days. Food is not about vitamins. It is about bacteria because our gut bugs will produce a lot of the vitamins we need. Not all of them but a good majority are produced by our gut bugs. Food isn’t about vitamins. Food is about bacteria.

Okay so we take the cow manure and mix it with compost that is near done. A little chunky still but mostly done. Now the worms come in. You all need to start a worm farming section on each of your farms to grow bacteria. You take the manure and compost mixture and you rotate fermenting this mixture in the kombacha bacteria and the cabbage turmeric ginger garlic mixture bacteria. Worms need to be feed once a week. So every week alternate with the bacteria you use. And if you want to throw in some food scraps you can. Try adding different organic matter but the main thing is bacteria. Those two mixtures of bacteria will heal everything. This is how I healed cancer and autoimmune and kept my c diff manageable still. I dont have access to these bacteria but they are still alive inside me. These two mixtures of bacteria are the answer to everything. Feed the worms the manure and compost fermented in these two mixtures of bacteria. Every week rotate the bacteria. This can be perfected but this is the general idea and blueprint.

Then take this mixture and put it on your soils. Feed your animals with foods you grow on these soils. Feed humans the food you grow using this soil. Really sick people need to take mud baths in the dirt that the worms produce and cultivate with good bacteria. And women need to ingest gel caps with this dirt especially before they breed. We dont need probiotics that die in us. We need to eat the dirt that has been cultivated by worms with the bacteria we need to survive.

Every human can grow this bacteria in their home. Even if you live in an apartment you can have a worm bin in a rubbermaid container. Everyone needs to be around this bacteria and eat it. C diff spores are in the air and on everything we touch. We need to grow good bacteria so it’s in the air and on everything we touch. We are swimming in c diff. We need to grow good bacteria.

So this is the general idea. Everyone needs to be fermented and eat fermented foods or soil. The earth and dirt needs to be fermented. It’s not a complex thing to do. People have been fermenting things for a really long time. It’s just going to take a bit. The beauty is good bacteria will grow like wild fire when given the right conditions. The world can get better really quickly. There is so much hope. This solution is something I have been trying to figure out for a long time. It took me a long time in the desert to figure out these mixtures of bacteria. My life was on the line so I was really motivated. But you all have lives on the line too. I hope I get to have my farm one day and walk you all through this process. But you all need to start working on it now because my ability to create enough wealth to purchase a farm is not guaranteed even though I have the skills necessary. My dream is to walk you all through this process and hold your hands and tell you it will be okay. But right now today, I’m not sold on the world being a fair place for me. And the thing is if the world is not fair for me, it will not be fair for you all. It’s sad this is how it has to be. But I am not going to stop fighting. I just need you all to be prepared to do this on your own. I have given you the answers to so many things. But I may not be able to escape my Truman show. I am only human.

Okay next up I need to talk to the Danish leaders. I don’t know how long you all have been tuned in. But I have been trying to get the world back to the early 1980s since I started this revolution. I now realize you all were in charge of the west coast during these early memories of mine. I remember when potential was an option. I remember when my Dad told me I could be anything I wanted. I remember when my Grandma Kudearoff always told me to do good and be better. I was created to do and be better. However, when my Dad came into power that all went away. My life got really dark when my Dad came into power. The world got really dark. I had head surgery when my grandma Kudearoff died. I understand more than most just how dark the world got. It hurts to live like this. It hurts to have so much taken away. You all are the ones who can relate to me and what I experienced the most. You all had everything taken away. Your world went dark just like mine. You understand what I went through and have lived. Because you have lived it too. My pain is your pain. And yet you all still sign up to have parasitic relationships with me. I am the only one who wants to give you back what was stolen from you. I dont need to be in charge of anything. I just need my potential and to have a good life. Power and control do not motivate me. Yet I have more power and control in this imaginary game than I can even really comprehend. And from the beginning I have been saying I want to go back to the early 1980s when you all were in charge. I don’t know how to create the world we lived in then. But you all do. I am not into micromanaging people. I enjoy bacteria and projects. I just want a God dam normal ordinary life. But someone has to do the thing and be in charge of the people and the infrastructure. I dont want to do any of that. But you all were really good at it. If I have a say I vote for you all. And I’m pretty sure my say and vote matter a lot. Like people all over the world care about what I say. Pretty crazy huh? It’s hard for me to comprehend just how important what I say is to people. Because I was told I dont matter ever since my grandma Kudearoff died and you all lost control of the west coast. I want to go back to that time period and place where I matter. But you all are the only people who can get me there. And I am the only person who can get you back the world you all lost. What a pair we are huh? I thought we were on the same page, but today I saw we are not on the same page. I had my meeting with Serena at keller Williams. She is Danish and one of you all. Her eyebrows say she has Norwegian roots. And her attitude says she is looking to literally kill me with kindness. See the Danish people I know are extremely different from my family. The Danish women I know tell me I deserve good things and I’m a good person. But they kill me while they smile and tell me these things. It’s very different than what I am used to, but it is still destruction. Serena has signed up to kill and destroy me. Just because she uses a different approach means nothing. The thing is she is destroying the only opportunity you all have to get the world back you all lost. It was taken from you and I want to give it back. I want to right the wrongs of my families. I just want a normal ordinary life. I don’t want all of this. And I especially don’t want what isn’t mine in the first place. I hate this imaginary game we all play. This stupid game has almost killed me for a lifetime. I dont want to play this imaginary game. I want to sell real estate be treated fairly and make enough money to buy a farm near junction city or monroe and ferment the earth and people with the farmers. That is my dream. I want you all to be in charge of the west coast because I have a world of other problems I need to fix to reverse the damage my families have done. And it all starts with selling freaking houses. Real estate used to light up my brain and make me happy. But it has become such a fight I hate it. I just want to farm bacteria and not have to deal with people who are parasitic. I hate the world the way it is. I dont want to live in the world the way it is. I just want to fulfill my purpose in life so I can be straight with God. That’s all I want. But see my purpose is to right the wrongs of my families. And my families have done a shit ton of wrong. It’s going to take me decades to fix what they have done. One of those big wrongs is they stole your world from you. And here I am wanting to give it back, but your people are still signing up to destroy me. Why are you allowing your people to be so dumb and short sighted? And I bet if you all wanted to you could call the remainder of the people fighting this war for my Dad against me off. Because the only people left fighting this war against me are the people low on the todum pole from the north. Everyone else has been ordered to stop.

So I guess my question is how much do you all want my help and your world back? Because today was confusing. Why would you all allow the person who wants to give you back your world to be destroyed? And especially why would you allow your own people to destroy the only person with the power to give you back what you lost? I thought we were allies and maybe even friends. But friends dont destroy one another. You all have to be the example for the world on how to have symbiotic relationships in the overt world that give you what you want in this stupid imaginary game we all play. You all have to show the world how biology works. And this starts with having a symbiotic relationship with me in the overt world. Is me giving you back the world you lost in the 1980s enough motivation to be good humans? I want to give you the world, but you have to stop destroying me and call the people from the north out of this war against me. I can’t do everything on my own. And you all cant get your world back without me. So looks like we are a perfect match. Please honor this symbiotic relationship. I want what is best for all of us. I hope you do too.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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