Wednesday March 8th 2023 Moon in Libra Sun in Pisces The Last Group… A Message To My #2s

The past two years I have sold every subgroup in the world on being revolutionary. I am sure there are still people not in the know somewhere, but I have great confidence in being able to reach them and sell them on why they need to be revolutionary too.

There is one last group of white people partaking in gangstalking me. It is a group who report to my uncle Norm. However, they are not mormon, or argentinians, or Danish. Some of them are Danish but a small percentage and not enough to be powerful. It’s a mix of people who once again have never been seen or chosen. My whole life I have never been allowed around powerful people because that was too risky for my Dad. And I have been surrounded by these people for a lifetime. Anyone who has been left out and over looked will always be glad to do deeds of destruction in order to be seen.

My #2s, you all are amazing at building your armies and convincing people to be revolutionary. Fingers crossed this really is the last group because this is a very small group. I would like you all to reach out to these people and convince them this revolution is in their best interest. I have to believe they dont fully understand what is happening. There are some who are just superior white people but most are a mix of Danish and superior white people but not enough for them to be loyal to the Danish people. I’m unsure how these people have the choice to choose to support my Dad and uncle Norm. Maybe while you all work on these people individually I can ask Salem for some help.

Salem my favorite communication hub, who is the leader of these part Danish superior white people from the north? If you all could get in touch with their leaders and their guy. Every group has a guy. I’m the Argentinian guy. Who is the guy of these Danish and white superior people who are not loyal to the Danish leaders in Michigan? These people did not originate from my uncle norm. He is a superior white person from Argentina. I believe his wife is Mormon. So who do these people belong to? It’s a very small group. Please find me the leader of these Republicans with Idaho and Danish epigenetics.

Okay my #2s and Salem do your thing. Salem I will address the leaders you find tonight. Get them all tuned in and explain what is happening as much as possible. This is our project for the day.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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