Wednesday May 25 2022 Moon in Aries Sun in Gemini A New Day Another Chance To Change The World

Sorry I freaked out last night. I have tried my hardest over and over my whole life but especially this past year. There really isn’t a lot of room for mistakes for me if I want to stay alive. Its kinda stressful and puts the pressure on. It’s a lot to deal with and handle. I’m not always perfect. No one is. Actually I am rarely perfect. I prefer to be human.

On top of all the stress and pressure I have to play be the rules. But yet my family constantly breaks the rules on top of destroying me and attempting my murder daily. It’s hard to keep it together.

I got my blog back online and changed the password a couple times. So today or this evening let’s do another announcement. I’m going to retrace my steps so I can publish my blog and connect with as many people as possible. However tonight, we are going to talk about how you all are being destroyed. You all are sold social norms in order to normalize the destruction and condition you not to see it. I want to help you see it. I never really bought into the systems as much as most people because I was destroyed so heavily. This allowed me a window into the truth. I want to share my window with you. Because once you see the destruction you can’t unsee it. It changes everything.

So that’s the plan. Get everyone to tune in tonight. Everyone in the greater Seattle area. Especially reach out to the east side I haven’t made it over there this trip. And get a pen and paper ready for tonight cause you will want to take notes because it will be overwhelming.

Today we change the world starting with you all. And then I expect you all to share the window I gift you with the rest of the world. Washington is what all the white people aspire to be like. You all have influence in the war games because you represent the best of the best. Or as my great grandfather would call you “Aryans”. You are supposedly the ideal human. If the ideal human can’t escape the destruction who can? šŸ˜‰

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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