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Woke up near Lynnwood. It reminded me of Lynnwood in LA. Funny how all the big cities have similar suburbs. I was still mad at the world this morning because the day before my family blocked my blog breaking the rules again for the millionth time.

The people near where I parked were doing construction so I woke up pretty early after being kept up by poison the night before. It’s always trash day around where I park, even on Saturdays sometimes. So after the not so good few things I decided the babies and I needed to go hiking. The trails up here in Washington are amazing. How have I never noticed this before? Ever since that country road in Oregon city we have been enjoying the walks with trees as much as possible. The dogs are happier afterwards compared to when we just do city/suburbs walks. It’s weird, but makes sense because it makes my nervous system feel better too.

So we did the hiking and then we went to eat lunch. We didn’t need to eat, it could have been a fasting day, but we ate out of habbit. At the Walmart there was hardly anyone gang stalking us. The people who did show up went over the top with the E poisons though. All morning and afternoon I published my new update about the 60ish things if destruction. So this way people could understand how the destruction effects them personally in their daily lives. When things hit home people are more prone to take proactive action.

So I may have said some of the things they needed to hear. Then I blogged and apologized for getting angry the night before. I’m human too. Then I told the people about the plan to retrace my steps from the day before when my blog was blocked. And that today we were going to talk about the destruction they experience.

Then me n the babies when hiking again. I found a trail that connected to the beach, but it was under construction so we didn’t get to do the beach as hoped but we got a couple miles in. Haywood was so happy and had his happy but prance on. Teka had me carry her most of the time, she was pooped from the first hike still and one if her feet hurts. I don’t know what she did to it, but I will baby her till it gets better. She’s the senior citizen but she’s the baby as she always reminds me. I realized while hiking that Haywood turned 10 in March and Teka turns 14 in September. I know Haywood is chubby and they both need a doggie dentist really badly, but for two kids who have went through hell with me the past 5 years they are so healthy. I mean people have literally been trying to kill them to kill my heart and spirit. I’m so proud of them everyday. And I tell them that everyday. They are my angels.

Finished the hike and the kids were ready to nap on their fuzzy blankets and I was ready to hit I5 again. So we did the news updates announcement as driving down i5 during rush hour.

The poisons were great today more so than normal. My family did not want me to reach the people. But we just kept going. And I had a few realizations. The big one is Washington is to Scandinavia just as Texas is to Argentina. That’s why they have white people pride. It’s very similar feelings, but the people are healthier here and the cities are cleaner. Its night and day. It was kinda epic because I realized I am in the place I have been searching for all year. I’m somewhere my family isn’t in charge and they value potential. After just realizing I am the person I have been searching for and then to find myself in the place I have been searching for in such a short period of time my mind is blown. I am where I’m supposed to be finally. So I asked Washington if I can stay and if they would be willing to let me get a job and follow the rules. I don’t want to stay unless they want me here. I’m not selfish to bring bad things on them from my presence if they don’t want me here. I have so much to offer and I think they value what I have to offer. It could all be a bit of a dream come true. I could not have planned it any better. I never know the how I just follow my why. And it may really work out.

When I was healing cancer in Arizona I had a vision of me on the beach walking the dogs like it was a daily thing not just a vacation or outing. It was a part of our routine. I have known this was going to happen. Then recently I had thought I needed to go to Washington DC and I thought okay that’s kinda close to the beach a couple hours. But I never in my life thought I would live in Washington. But today I thought about it even before my realizations. To get to live like a privileged white person with all the beautiful trails and the ocean and trees would be kind of overwhelming. I never dreamed of anything like this. Shoot there were years I could barely walk let alone walk the dogs for fun and joy outside around trees that used to cause me awful allergies. I never believed I would get any of this. Even if we don’t get to stay it was still really nice to experience. I’m super high on E in a church parking lot. Tonight I’m going to go to the quantum field and experience living and working here to try it on for size. The idea of not having to go back to Eugene is heavenly. I’m so tired of being surrounded by people who want to kill me. A person can only take so much. Today was a bit of a dream. Reaching the people turned out really well. But let’s see if I did well enough to experience a change in my overt world.

Tomorrow another hiking trail and more trees. I sure could get used to this. How did I never think of Washington before? All year the answer was only a couple hours away. Funny how life works.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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