Wednesday May 25 2022 Moon in Aries Sun in Gemini Realizations Driving Down I5 in Seattle

This is just me writing down my realizations from the drive down I5 today. I will do my news updaye/announcement in a bit so get everyone to tune in. There is still time.

Washington omg you all are like Texas and I couldn’t figure it out the other day but it hit me today. Washington is to Scandinavia just like Texas is to Argentina. You all are the other side of the coin. I have referred to you all as Scandinavians and Republicans because you believe in potential. So many realizations.

There has to be a family that rules you all or is in charge like my family is. I mean I know we are the all powerful leader of the dark side. But there are so many subdivisions and you all have to rule yourselves. I represent the dark side, but you all believe in potential. Who’s in charge? I would love to meet them overtly or covertly. This is why my family did not want me to come up here. They don’t want me to form an alliance with you all because then you all would be more powerful than them. Because you all follow the rules.

Can we make this happen? Can you all let the families in charge of Washington and Seattle know I’m here. Let them know everything. I’m not looking to be saved, but I would love a job. If I can have a job I can continue on my mission of changing the world. And I would be a lot safer here. It’s a long shot, but I have to try because I have promised so many people I’m going to do my best and keep going.

Can you all give me a war games mentor to teach me all the things I need to know? I just need a little help. I can move mountains alone and with my revolutionary army, imagine what I could do with a little war games backing. Please help me change the world and get a job. I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Ps okay let me walk the dogs and sober up from drive and then I geek out about the destruction of the systems and what you all need to know.

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