Wednesday September 7th 2022 moon in Aquarius Sun in Virgo The Root Cause

Wednesday September 7th 2022 Moon in aquarius Sun in virgo The Root Cause

Well, today was another Truman show. I didn’t have an interview for a job I was/am overqualified for again. And the other interviews or interested companies have been gotten to by my Dad. I can always tell because they over complicate things and use way too many words and always seem to include words like now, immediately etc because they induce a cortisol response in everyone and that stresses your heart. People are pretty see through especially cult members.

Yesterday Pat the owner of Express Employment where I did onboarding yesterday also gave me the answers. She has a killer c Diff infection so bad that she has a hunch back. Posture is linked to your gut bacteria. The better your posture the more influential you will be because you have good gut bacteria. Pat was talking to me about the smoke and fires or something like that and asked if my allergies were bothering me because so many other people had been coming in with red swollen eyes. I told her no and that’s their kidneys not functioning properly. She had such a cortisol response. She felt fear. This is also her amygdala damage from lacking vitamin k2 because her gut bacteria is so damaged it’s not being produced allowing calcium to free float through her bloodstream and causing anxiety until its deposited in her amyglada causing damage and leaving her in a subconscious fear state constantly. Can you imagine how annoying it is for me to interact with people. They put on such a charade but they never address the real issues. Even if they know the real issues they dont address them. Look at my Dad he knows the real issues. He created the systems of destruction. And yet he still has colon cancer because he buys into learned helplessness. He portrays himself as a God but God does not buy learned helplessness. God knows he is powerful. Talk about smoke and mirrors right?

So Pat gave me the answers just like Amber did yesterday. I don’t interact with humans often so I try and get the most out of my interactions. Pat felt fear because she saw no other way if life. Amber partakes in the destruction of me, herself, and her family because she sees no other way. They both are without hope. All the people left following my Dad are without hope. They are hopeless. And they are our only obstacle left in this revolution and civil war. Us the majority have to convince these hopeless people there is so much hope. Even though it’s not apparent in our three d world overtly.

Not being able to see hope is part of the dyslexic epigenetic gene mutations and triggers. When you are dyslexic you focus constantly on how rather than why. And hope is more of a why thing. We have hope because we deserve better. We may not know how we are going to get better in a logical step by step timeframe, but we hold onto hope because the quantum field supplies the answers when we retain a feeling. Vibration is what rules the world and draws experiences and people to you. Have you ever experienced a person that just “rubbed you the wrong way” without doing much but being present in your reality. Well, that vibe. Some people feel soothing to be around and others feel abrasive. This is vibe. We attract people with similar frequencies. Like attracts like. Quantum physics and the quantum field are where everything happens. The only reason my Dad can convince people to do his bidding is if he disconnects them from the quantum world. This is why the epigenetic triggers of dyslexia keep us manageable because they disconnect us all from the quantum and our ability to attract what we desire and deserve.

Can you imagine how far I would have gotten if I lost hope? I would have never been able to reach you all and let you know about world war 3 or the destruction we all face. There has never been much of a reason for me to hold onto hope in my overt reality. I have held so tightly to hope because I create it and it’s part of my birthrights. See there also are epigenetic triggers for autism in all of us. We all have c diff. This causes autism like behaviors. So this is hopeful. My connection to the quantum field and limitless potential comes from my ability to tune in to my autism. So I just need to teach you all how to do this. Which is simple. Everything is simple once you have done it enough. People who over complicate things should be treated with suspicion because they are up to something.

So here’s the deal. Focus on why. Autism focuses on why rather than how. The why is you deserve better. We all deserve better. God doesn’t create a slave race. This is something that is human made and is not right. The quantum field has right and wrong. Just like God has right and wrong. Some things we are not going to agree on like abortion everyone has their opinion on that. But I’m pretty sure we can almost all agree a human is a human and God does not create a sub human species. We experience a sub human species because my families have created them. They aren’t God, they just like to play God. God is the quantum field. God is limitless potential. God created you to be amazing. He does not create mediocre humans. He does not create mediocre anything. God creates miracles. Even if you don’t feel like a miracle you are one. God created you. You have survived so much destruction your whole life just to be alive right now. So much destruction you were not even aware of. Do you understand how strong you are? We have all been destroyed our whole lives. That makes us all revolutionary and stronger than we ever imagined. You need to give yourself credit where credit is due. You need to see you have survived against all odds. Every system is set up to destroy and disempower you. And yet here you are breathing and carrying on with life every day. Do you know how amazing that is? You are proof God exists. You are proof. Do you hear me? You are the proof God exists. How would you still be alive if God was not able to make miracles? You are the proof in your overt reality. Just like I’m the proof in my overt reality that I’m meant to help us all do better for ourselves. There is no reason I have been able to survive the destruction. There is no reason my dog Haywood has been able to survive the years he has been with me when they have tried to kill me the most overly. We all are miracles. Do you understand that makes you the proof that anything is possible even though you dont see the how. You didn’t see all the destruction. You felt it but you didn’t have the words to describe it. Well, feel your body and feel how amazing you are. You are the miracle. What does that feel like? It feels pretty spectacular to me. I never would have guessed how fancy I am just because I have survived. Do you realize how fancy you are? Because you are just as fancy as me. God doesn’t care about birthrights. Those are human made. God cares about souls. You are a soul and body he created. I believe your freewill creates your mind. But you have the tools and ability to change your mind any time you choose.

Please change your mind about holding onto hope. Dont fear change, embrace change. You are proof God is amazing and will give you gifts you dont even realize you have. Just because we cant see the step by step exact how doesn’t mean something is impossible. It just means we haven’t found the answer in the quantum field and we need to hold onto hope and feeling the outcome we wish to obtain in the overt world. We all have the autistic epigenetic triggers and some of us have the gene mutations to hold onto hope. We just have to stop focusing on how. When we embrace hope the answer come to us because like attracts like and the universe and God and the quantum field bring the answers to us. You are a miracle but you also are a magnet. Allow yourself to attract the answers not more darkness.

I dont kniw how we get the people left fighting this war for my Dad to stop. I dont know how I am going to get a job. But I do know we all need to hold onto hope and we need to help remind the hopeless people that there is hope. There is hope for everyone even if they have taken part in the destruction. God is forgiving and we will be forgiving. Sure we are allowed to be angry at those who have hurt us, but it’s a lot easier to forgive people when they stop hurting us.

Please everyone in my Dads cult stop hurting us all. We believe in the miracle you are. If you weren’t a miracle you wouldn’t be alive. Please have hope with us all. We deserve better and you do too. But you have to believe you deserve better first. You are alive and have survived everything so you have earned proof that you deserve better because you are a miracle. The how will appear when you accept what is and feel into the hope that this reality provides.

We all are miracles. God doesn’t make junk, he makes miracles. You deserve hope because you deserve better. No one is excluded from hope or better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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