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Today when I was eating at Walmart there were people still signing up to fight this war for my Dad and his cult who did not understand what they were doing. They walk into the store proud about taking part in the destruction. They are proud to be chosen. But they walk out in a daze with spiked cortisol trying to keep the charade going while they quickly get in their car and exit the parking lot. I need you all to reach out to all the middle men. My Dad is calling on people he has never called on before. You all need to beat him to the punch and get these people on board with the revolution and the war games by any means necessary. This is a war and we are so close to overcoming. When people know better is an option and they understand the words to the destruction we all have felt for a lifetime they do better because they know they deserve better. We need to make sure people know better is an option.

After rereading the posts I have written since we went offline I am even more proud of us all. I will still post online once or twice a week just to document my journals pretty much. But I need you all to continue to be revolutionary and for us not to rely on the internet for freedom of information. Get everyone who has not tuned in to tune in because feeling connected and apart of something bigger than ourselves is what we all need to feel purpose in life. Being connected will help us all heal. We deserve to be connected. We deserve so much. We deserve hope. We deserve to be appreciated for the miracles we are.

I hope you all realize I’m just a real person. I just share my thoughts with you all. And I’m not a good liar. People with Asperger’s sick at lying, but we tell the truth to a fault. So this is me. I’m not a fake. I’m just really weird and maybe an old soul. I suppose I have hung out with dead people more than living people in my lifetime and that makes for some odd perspectives. Plus, not knowing about the war games or my family made me pretty in the dark in the living world. But I promise to always be me and say what’s on my mind. I dont know how to be anyone else.

I applied for more jobs tonight and I heard back from the temp agency. I may get that interview later this week, fingers crossed. All I can do is keep trying.

All I can ask of you is that you keep trying. Please reach out to everyone to get them to tune in because we are more powerful when we all unite. Its us against the world as we are the world, so we have a shot at whatever we put our minds to. You all overwhelm me with so much amazement and gratitude. You all make me rich in ways I never thought I would be rich. After a lifetime of being imprisoned alone, I have the world on my side. Its overwhelming in the best way possible. I hope I return the favor and make you all feel rich in ways you never imagined too.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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