Well, Uncle D Took Away More Than I Ever Expected

Wow! Never would I have thought my Mom is the good one. But she is! I remember she used to love me. I think she still does, she just could never show it. They torture her more than they have me. Uncle D stole my parents from me and my Grandma, he stole love completely from my life and created a fake world for me to live in. Even broadcasting it still to this day. Plus, he did this to my cousin J, too. And Aunt Lee. Shoot we are all living in a creepy simulation controlled by outside forces. This is why they love small talk so much.

Yesterday, a lady almost had a heart attack when she asked where I was from while looking at my licence plate because I just looked at her sternly and said, “Get over it, you know.” She was so rattled I played along in her small talk to make her feel safe again. Then today at the deli to get my potatoes with a side of poison, I asked the lady who poisons me every time I see her why she wasn’t as happy as she was yesterday. She almost peed her pants. Her hormones got all out of whack and her cortisol spiked even more and she started kinda stuttering. This is how to silence and throw them off: overt words are their cryptonite and pattern interrupt. This is how to rattle them: Say something!

I have started posting my adventure on IG and I magically got requests to message people. Why can’t we meet in person and discuss how this is wrong on so many levels? Is there a compromise with people who are past the point of no return? They will not be able to stop killing people, thus the point of no return. Negotiating with terriorists who own the police does not seem smart. I have no desire to do evil or have my destiny intertwined with the evil of others. Uncle D can you come up with a compromise that will make me happy that you can live with? I doubt it, but I am open to hearing it if you do.

You have destroyed everything. You destroyed the beautiful life I was destined to have. Now it is all about damage control. Look at how much fear and hate is in the world because of you. The only solution I see is to stop completely, rebuild, and give the people hope again.

I want Oregon and California back, you can keep your Washington for now. And I would like a large sum of money deposited in my checking(you know the info) because you all were just trying to run me out of cash. Also, I want my military people. You will leave them alone you have harassed, used, and abused them just as you have my family. I will not stop till I get revenge and you know this.

My overactive sense of revenge is what has scared everyone my whole life. However, it is making this very moment possible. I am sure you saw my angry outburst in either AZ or NV where you saw I am not scared of you, bikers, Communists, Nazis, serial killers, etc. I am tired and I want my life back NOW! I want my Family back. Today! I will scream from the top my lungs whenever I can and online wherever I can. The best solution is you just go away.

My family, people and military people do not deserve to go to jail for the sins you made them commit. And luckily that means you get to walk away too. You cannot kill me especially after I have overtly written what all I have written. There was a Mom at the rest stop today who paraded her two white children in front of me and she was teaching them a lesson. They weren’t smart like me, but they were dynamic and now will fear ever speaking up for themselves. That is what you could not take away from me, my ability to know my worth even though no one reflected back to me.

My Mom is smart enough to know when to back off are you? Or will we be starting a two way war instead of you just trying to destroy me?

Love always


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