What Are The Rules For Munchausen By Proxy In Our Family Cult?

Apparently, you all do not kill people and look at it as normal. Otherwise you all would not have reacted so strongly to me stating that my Dad killed his wives. You all know murder is wrong, but what are the rules about Munchausen by proxy then?

Last night, my Mom poisoned my dogs and I with a pepperoni stick. Well technically, she poisoned me and I shared with my dogs. I am just tired of it. So this morning, I gave myself a pep talk and went to the police. They denied my reality by saying I cannot prove it, just as the police did in Santa Fe. (Fragment: Both police officers were of Hispanic descent, coincidence probably not!)

Today the police officer could not give me an outline of what I needed to do in order to be taken seriously and to get my Mom help. They merely told me to get away from my Mom. Which I pretty much expected, but hey it was worth a shot. However, from the reaction of the people I am guessing once again I broke the covert rules that no one told me about. Is it really breaking the rules if no one has ever told me about them? It was more like utilizing my freewill and sticking up for myself.

What are the rules about Munchausen and Munchasen by proxy? Eminem seems to know, but I don’t. Help me out!


Nicole Graves

P.S. At least now if something should happen to me my Mom will be considered a suspect first and foremost. I may be the first person to document our covert war overtly because people are scared.

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