What Do You Get When You Mix A Communist With A Nazi?

Well, the gas flashbacks were intense last night. My brain works like Tetris so a piece appears and the lines just keep adding up. Am I the only one who isn’t a serial killer in my family? Do you know how maddening these realizations are? Why are they pushing me to remember everything? Don’t they know I will write it all down? This is better than any fiction novel I could ever write.

My Dad is the second born and my Mom is the second born, they both have genetic modifications. My maternal Grandma had 10 kids. My Dad’s uncle who was Mormon and lived in Idaho had like 10 kids too. What is with the ten kids? Do these people not know about overpopulation? Or would they rather dominate a world when scarcity is the way of life? Scarcity is the way of life for them. With their controlling ways no one can be better than average and not be a threat.

Why are you people signing up to be average? Is it because that is the only way you get to live? I sure hope so because that is the only logic I can really understand.

Why won’t they kill me? I only have a few more breeding years left and 10 kids was a lost option a long time ago. Do they still have hope? When I was in Vegas they were brainwashing me and I did want to have a baby. I still do, but I can’t do it with someone I do not think will be a good parent. My parents were not good to say the least. People look at me like I had it easy, but in reality everyone got their shot at trying to break me and they all failed because I did not respect or feel real love for any of them. They were lacking in humanity.

Who was I supposed to marry? Did they hold a grudge? Dare I say I think they did. And dare I say this serial killer tried to kill me too. Beware sex workers, he is still out there.

My Mom fucked up bigger than I thought with me, huh?(when poison is optional please leave her to her own devices, I would like her to see what happens with what she has done.)



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