What Happens To Those Who Look At Me Like A Lottery Ticket & Fail?

What happens to those who view me as the lottery ticket that will lead them to their own greatness, but who fail? I told you all about my first boyfriend who is dead, but I have not told you about the many others since then. There has been a very long list, because if my family tried to actually destroy me themselves that would not be very covert, huh? And you all know they hate to get their own hands dirty, in that way they are just like me. However, they make you all do their dirty work. Plus, some of you who look at me like your golden ticket, actually get hurt when I treat you as just another subhuman opportunist.

Let me tell you about a “friend” from the death camp who had already been medically stripped of his erection and continually squirmed his way into my life. Only to get hurt when I looked blankly at him as subhuman when he told me he had cancer. This is what they do to you people and you all sign up for it over and over. They kill you even when you get close to me and fail. No one has survived not being able to destroy me. Do you know how many people that has been in my 40 years? Do you really think you will be the exception to the very longstanding rule? I stopped taking you people seriously a long time ago.

Look at the people from Nevada who not only thought they succeeded at destroying me and pawned me off on Arizona. But also they failed at stopping me from driving through their state on the way back to Oregon proving to everyone I was still alive and not dead as they were told. Do you know what an embarrassment I am to my family merely because I am alive and they got caught in their own arrogant lie? How do you think the people in Arizona are doing right now with their own failure and public embarrassment? My family may have allowed these people a little success and opportunity while they were pleased with their actions. However, do you think they will allow them to keep any of it? You and I both know they will be worse off than when they started for the rest of their lives now.

Why does this make you feel lucky?



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