What I See When You Are Training Your Children With Me

Today, I saw two pretty spectacular examples of people training their children with me as a training tool.

First, was in the Market grocery parking lot. Boy it has gotten really interesting there since the ethnic people from near the gym and Walmart have been imported. There was a high school aged boy in the back seat of a big truck with a veteran license plate cover. He threw his gum at me and smirked, but you could tell he was defending a lifestyle he takes great pride in. What I saw was a young boy that instead of fighting back had given into the sexual abuse as a way of life. He was embracing the fact that he gets to get even for his Dad putting his dick in his bum as a child by doing the same to the children in his life. Shoot, he may already be taking part in this inherited lifestyle trait. Is this really something to be prideful of? Accepting this lifestyle as a way of life means taking joy in what you repeatedly do. If you did not enjoy it, you would not keep doing it.

Second was a girl grade school aged, like 3rd or 4th grade. She mocked me and said, “Help me” as I drove by when she was walking with her Mother. Basically, she has accepted that her Dad having sex with her is a way of life. She knows better than to ask for help because this is the best it gets. And when she grows up she wants to destroy her children and be just like her Mother. Destruction will become her destiny, rather than her own greatness and she has already accepted this in grade school.

When using me as a training tool think about what you are really teaching your children. You are teaching them there is no hope for a better future without destruction. You are destroying them in the process and any sliver of hope they may have left. If this is what they have to do to gain your love and approval you know they will most likely do it, even though it is literally killing them inside. Most children are like me in the beginning, but they want to gain the love and approval of their parents. Your children will do what they have to, to be loved and accepted. You know this and you use it against them. But you tell them it is for their own good. Is this who you really want to be? Is this who you really want your children to be?


Nicole Graves

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