What’s Happening On The Home Front?

Well, they have imported people from California to gas me while I am at my Mom’s house. Twilia the neighbor lady is once again being used as a tool, just as when I first arrived. She is not at fault, it’s probably just a part of her birthright and address. She is not an active member of the war games on a regular basis tho because she has never driven a Toyota Tacoma. It seems that the type of car/truck you drive when involved in the war games demonstrates your rank/birthright.

My Mom thought she had me last night, again. She views my kindness as weakness and even went for a dog walk with me, parading to the people that once again she had me under control. Even talking her small talk nonsense to a neighbor who will not be able to hide his property records, yet again. My memory is photographic on good days, why do you think they poison me so much? I may not be able to remember everyone’s license plates, but remembering where they live in a neighborhood that I grew up in is pretty elementary.

My Brother has been in his room because he is the worst at being covert. He has never had to be anything but overt in life except with me. Everyone in my family is getting pretty poor at being covert. They act as if I should just bend to their will because they have spent a lifetime bending to the will of others. How dare I stick up for myself and the other people they destroy. They have destroyed me for a lifetime and now that I know better they do not seem to fathom why I have a desire to do better. Mental illness like theirs does not understand growth and/or evolution.

My Mom gets to have a dinner party tonight because when she had a meeting with “fancy” family friends the other night, she came home more nervous than ever. Since I caught on, she gets a redo so she can torture her friends. Oh, and Aunt La is coming over too. Of course they will all be served food with poisons and not just the poisons the food comes with from the grocery stores, but added poisons.

My Mom gets off on poisoning people who are already dying and her family friends are not in good health to say the least. I wonder what they did to upset my Dad to have to spend time with my Mom. These family friends started hanging out with us camping around 5th grade, so about 1991-1993ish. But the man grew up near my Mom and is Mexican. My family does not like Mexicans, so this could be what they have done: merely be born of the wrong race.

Just another day in paradise with sore loosers.


Nicole Graves

As I was writing this post the other neighbor lady, Shari, came out and had to let her involvement be known with her little unibomber smoke bomb ways. It makes their brains light up and allows them to feel alive. It must suck to be dead inside, otherwise they would not need to hurt/harm others to feel alive.

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