When Everyone Expects You To Go Right, Go Left

When everyone expects you to go right, go left. Maybe this adventure/trip wasn’t about me changing the world, maybe it was about the world changing me. Now that I know what is really going on in the world, it puts everything into perspective. My world has forever changed and gained not only perspective, but more empathy and compassion. This allows for more of my book smarts to turn into wisdom with real life value.

Never did I think this journey would lead me back to Oregon, but it will always be my home. My family may be dark side evil royalty of some sort, but to me they are just my family. And now that I know how crazy the world is I understand just how strong they really are to exist in this reality. A reality they knew I would be unable to handle.

I have misplaced my anger about the state of the world on my family, mostly my Mom, for my whole life. They could have easily broke me and told me the truth about everything. However, they allowed me to live in my rose colored glasses reality because they knew I could not handle the truth. The world is way harsher than I could have ever imagined, even though I have experienced quite harsh realities myself.

We all do what we believe to be right and I may not agree with what all my family has done, but I can respect that they thought they were doing the right thing and protecting us all. I am not made for the dark side and I am more than okay with that. In the end, I am glad my family protected me and let me be who I really am. Because isn’t that what family is all about? They accept who you are and protect that person at all costs. They have allowed my weakness the time I needed to become my greatest strength.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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