Who Is Trying To Kill The Women In My Family?

So I know it is the men in my family trying to kill the women, but why? Do they feel they need/deserve to destroy us? White men have the most privilege in American society, so what would cause them to feel less than? Perhaps, their obsession with destruction rather than excellence? Perhaps, their lack of emotional intelligence and cortisol brain? Is this why they want everyone to have cortisol brain? Why not just heal your own trauma, rather than take it out on others?

Just who are my Dad, Uncle B, and Uncle D? Are most men like them, as I have experienced? And how does A1 fit into the mix as a Korean? Does gender matter more than ethnicity? As I sit here absorbing lead through my fingers from my computer, all I can wonder is so many things that I do not want to admit to. Dare I think my Brother is a serial killer who has been mentored by my Dad? Do all men teach their sons how to destroy women? Why torture the women who love, nurture, and care for you?

After 25 days of running from bikers, Mexicans, Nazis, & Communists, I have more questions than I have answers. However, now I am sure I know something that I am not supposed to and we are going to dive deep!



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