Who Owns East Of The Continental Divide?

Maybe it is naive of me to think that the people who run the east side of the Continental Divide do not enjoy domination and destruction as much as my family cult of serial killers, but I have hope for everyone. I understand it would be the beginning of a civil war if they offered me assistance of any sort. However, it could also be the very alliance that could save us all!

If I am going to have a baby, I need to feel safe and that means I will need a lot of people to protect me. I am not going to do something that will make me more vulnerable without a multitude of protections and checks and balances in place. I do not want to just make the family I marry into better. I desire to tenaciously and passionately make up for the destruction to the world my family has caused. This is something I will also need help with and I would really like this help to be heartfelt.

When I started this adventure of running from my family, I gave up the life I dreamed of unknowingly. Now all I am left with is my birthright, which is really my worst nightmare. However, I can make the most of it and would like to find the people who would like to make the most of it with me.

Who is ready to change the world and create abundance?



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