Without Birthrights, We Are Just Animals

Dear referees

Please do something to enforce the war games. There are still people destroying me who know what is happening and about my birthright. Does this not break the rules? You cannot destroy me for my Brother to take over my birthright, right? They look at me with such guilt they know what they are doing is breaking the rules, but they continue to do it because there is no accountability. They are not loosing anything by breaking the rules and destroying me. Why would anyone stop if they are not loosing anything? How do you all enforce your rules? This may be a good time to remind people that without rules, ethics, and morals we are just animals. And animals do not have war game birthrights to be proud of and live for. It is purely survival of the fittest. Those who cannot think for themselves will die if we just go back to being animals and they do not have their birthrights.

Please create some order in this mess you call organized. Without order there are no war games.

Thank you

Nicole Graves

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