Woke Up Dreaming Of Revenge

Not going to lie, I often wake up dreaming of revenge. This has been a theme throughout my life. What would you do if you were me to all the people who pretended to be your friend just so they could improve their own standing/place of power? This pretty much describes everyone I have ever known.

For example two ex strippers here in Springfield, Melia(aka Katina from Hawaii) and Cinnamon(aka Jennifer from Alaska). They both pretended to be my friend and have taken part in this escapade this year. Melia poisoning me back in April when I was still trying to figure out why people were trying to kill me. And Cinnamon yesterday when she took part in gang stalking by the river.

Both are South American and are younger versions of my Mom with less power. However, they get enough out of the war games that they do not want them to end. They would rather keep you all enslaved than be face with the reality that what they do is wrong. I would probably suggest you keep your children away from them and do not accept food or drink from them.

So when you see them, remember they have repeatedly stood in the way of your freedom because they enjoy the power they were born with more than exploring their own potential. Just another example of more people who will be switching owners when the changing of the guard takes place.

What would you do to the women who are dead inside and trauma bonded to the system that broke them?


Nicole Graves

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