Women Rule The World

Did you know there are more women in the world than men? There are, women rule the world. We have the greatest impact on the future. Our microbiomes dictate the future because we breed and share that microbiome with our children. Women are the real rulers. But yet we are ignored and thrown aside. Only being valued as a tool for breeding. We are farm animals.

Well, to all of you out there that want to be treated equal, I am your only hope. I am the only hope for your daughters, granddaughters, sisters, mothers, etc. I am the only hope for women to be counted as the humans they are. We have never been treated fairly historically. However, if you all help me pull this off, women will be seen for the powerful creatures we truly are. We are the backbone of humanity, but we get no credit for our labors.

To the men out there, do you have daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if they were counted as the humans they are. Who raised you? Who loved you? Who bore you? Women are the greatest asset this world has and we are ignored. We are thrown aside. We are viewed as weak for our lack of a penis. But you know maybe men are weak because they cannot see our worth? Women do the unthinkable all the time. We move mountains in daily life for the ones we love.

Maybe it is time you men stick up for us women. And for women to take a stand to get the recognition that we all deserve.

This is your only chance to really ever be taken into account. If I loose this revolution, you loose too. How badly do you want to be treated humanely? How badly do you want to be counted? How much longer will you allow yourself to be silenced and disregarded?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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