Working Class In New Mexico-Day 71

Dear Working Class People In New Mexico,

I see you with your cortisol spiked, your pupils’ dialated, and your heart rate elevated. You realize you are killing me with your actions. Your inability to treat me as sovereign human being is what I have been fighting my whole life. Your hands will be just as dirty as the people who sell me poisoned food and just as dirty as the doctors who operated on my head. How can you claim to be human when you treat me so inhumanely? Especially when you know who I am?

It has been 71 days of running from my family cult the Kudearoffs and my blog is one of my limited sources of contact with the outside world and it is extremely censored still. I have worked so hard to even make it to New Mexico alive where there are more freedoms than anywhere I have ever been before only to have you people who have spent a lifetime enjoying this peace to deny me my personal freedoms. If you don’t stop being selfish, I will not be able to survive, let alone thrive and accomplish my revolution.

I have survived daily attempted murder for over 40 years. Can you take a stand to treat me humanely or will you remain more like them than you ever believed you were?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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