Worldwide Awareness-New Goal

My revolutionary people, now that we have come so close to letting all the people on the west coast know about how my family cult destroys us all we need to broaden our focus. Everyone in the world needs to know how our food systems are effecting them. They may not live here, but our food still aims to keep them small, diseased, and manageable. And they never have a chance to profit or privilege off our war games. My family cult is looking to take over the world, just like so many cartoon series. It is like a bad joke that only some of us are in on.

Freedom of information needs to be a thing of the present. I do not know if the world has ever had freedom of information, even though we live in the information age. But it is time that we are all blessed with an even playing field when it comes to being able to make informed decisions in regards to our own lives. Everyone deserves the information they need to make good choices for themselves. Information should not be used as a weapon.

So when we are meditating, or you are doing it on your own, add in a visualization and feeling of worldwide freedom of information. We all deserve better, worldwide.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Military people I expect you all to do the gossiping whenever you travel anywhere. Everyone else should do the worldwide gossiping, too.

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