WWIII Is A Covert War

Every time I get closer to what I think is the end, everything just keeps getting expontentially bigger. (My Brother did start the smoke bombs back up when I got home, so he is doing his job.) This is WWIII(maybe WWII never stopped?) and they are making it a covert war/slavery. It is another race war, just like WWII. The white people who are past the point of no return are the ones who give you all away with their energy. They light up like a Christmas tree when they see me and especially when they interact with me. The witness from the cemetery today was beyond overt. People like him just cannot stop themselves from giving you all away. They have unresolved generational trauma. Energy does not lie.

The fact that this war is taking place right in front us is what you are trying to hide from the children and people like me. No wonder you people have so much fear in your energy. Your DNA is reminding you that this just gets worse because we all remember the trauma of WWII in our genes. You all know this will continue to get worse and I think I may be your last/only hope.

My Dad allowing me to have the Holocaust as a special interest in middle school was really just a covert message that I entirely missed. Don’t worry Dad, I saw your messages today. You seem to forget I saw the worst of the worst in childhood and the death camp. You have shown me what you are capable of my whole life. However, you were scared to let me know you are the wizard behind the curtain. Explain your fear to the people logically. If you really thought you were as fancy as you pretend, then you would have been brave enough to be overt and just tell me how it is. What do you really fear?

You know I am greater than and you fear I will ruin it all for you? Logically there is no other explaination. You were willing to risk it all for the chance of me breeding. I must have pretty fancy genes, huh?

I am something that made you risk everything over!

Love Always


P.S. Everyone needs to stop eating carbs and vegetables! I went on a carnivore diet and took binders, this is why I have been able to survive this all and cancer while being poisoned. Especially, stay away from the nightshades(potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, tobacco, etc). I still have an occasional romance with potatoes, but if I don’t watch it this will literally be the one vice that gets the best of me. Also, everyday drink caffeine, it dialates your blood vessels and helps one to deal with the toxic overload that I now understand we all are dealing with.

Thank you for sending my dogs healing energy. It is working and they glow so very big! I do not want anyone to go to prison, I understand there is no healing found there. And I do apologize for being so harsh and hard on you all. I understand you are just trying to survive and this isn’t as much about power, control, and domination for most the people, but rather about pure survival. You all have a place in my heart, even if you have had to hurt me. I am a very forgiving person.

At 4pm today, help me find ways to create a hole in the financial matrix we live in. The subliminal messages they sent me today let me know it is possible and they are scared! We can do this, I think I am mostly just a conduit of collective energy meant to save us all. You people give me hope. Thank you for fighting until I was able to wake up and figure this mess out. Remember love will always be the only real solution. Hug the ones you love today extra tight!

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