You Are Almost Broken

What does it feel like to hold someone hostage? It must not feel good based on your reactions today. Everyday I walk around the industrial area by Planet Fitness in National City and walk my dogs. And everyday people drug me while pretending to be normal humans. What does it feel like to pretend to be human? This is how my family convinces people they are bad people. They get them to do things they do not agree with and eventually the guilt wins and they become bad people because they have done so many bad things. This is how my Brother was made. My parents got him to do so many bad things, he can no longer see himself as a good person. This is what they are doing to you, and you are allowing it.

To the guy who helped me find Teka. I knew you were poisoning me, but at least you did something to sooth my soul rather than just torment me. I am not clueless I just do not want to buy into the world you live in. It is too dark for my likes. It eats away at your soul till it is gone. I am sure you are starting to feel the effects.

To the lady who had to go into the professional beauty supply store. Your cortisol was so high, a bit of an exastential crisis, huh? What do they tell you people that makes you do these things? You obviously do not take part in the war games often because you are not comfortable with your own evil. What do you tell yourself?

What do all of you all tell yourself? You tell yourself it is just a moment, just a moment in time of evil. Well all you all’s moments added up equal my life. My whole life everyone has just taken part in a moment. Sure, some take part in multiple moments, but those are people who are secure in their evil. However, you all that just take part in a moment while telling yourself that it doesn’t matter are the ones who are dictating my fate. You are dooming me to a destiny of destruction and abducting me from my destiny. You are stopping me from helping you. Without me you all are really doomed. You think you are doomed if you do not take part in this moment that is requested of you, but what happens when I am gone and that moment becomes a way of life forever. How are you going to rationalize that to yourself? How are you going to take parts in moments all the time and retain your ability to be a good person? You are not going to be able to. In destroying me you are destroying yourselves. I keep trying to explain it to you all, but you just do not seem to get it. You are destroying and dooming yourself. How does it feel to hold someone hostage? Do you want to feel like that your whole life? What will happen to your soul when you encounter this feeling for your whole life? Do you think you will be able to see yourself as a good person when you continue to hold people hostage? How long can you keep this up and still think of yourself as a good person? My brother was broke by grade school, so it is not much longer before you all break.

By destroying another you are destroying yourself and you all are almost broken.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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