You Are More Powerful Than You Can Even Imagine

When I moved to Arizona I used to go over the Mexican border to have lunch and go to the pharmacy. And I started to wonder why Mexican food was like an autoimmune nightmare as I progressed through my healing journey. Now I understand that it is because of the South American Nazis like my Dad. Crazy how things come full circle nowadays. BTW worm pills kill cancer. The workers at the border used fear tactics to try to get me to stop going over the border to get them, telling me I was going to get poisoned. But what would they know they were all in awful health. I encourage everyone to be selective about who you allow to influence your world in any way. And by all means, de-worm yourself, your children, and your pets regularly!

There are countless times when if I had listened to what people said I would have died. In my life, I have realized people will try to get me to do the wrong thing more than the right thing. Plus, social media and google are not a safe bet most times. However, now I realize we all live in this weird realty where the wrong thing is always being shoved down our throats.

But my real question is how much do you all know? Do you know the food is killing you? Do you know nightshades are killing you? Do you know your gut bacteria/microbiome rule everything in your body? Do you know your body is like a self cleaning oven and can clean/heal itself?

You are more powerful than you can even imagine.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Thank you Washington, I appreciate you!

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