You Know What Is Scarier Than Serial Killers? The Unknown.

Today, I felt fear like I have not in a long long time, maybe even ever. I know what to expect with my family and with serial killers, but this new beginning and the unknown are a new kind of animal. Freedom is scary, but it allows for everything to fall into place.

Please do not feel guilt and shame on my account or for what you have done. Guilt and shame get you nowhere, get mad! Then use that anger to move you forward. This mess has stolen a lot from everyone. I was just the poster child to scare you into conforming. Well, look at me! I just keep going and going.

Get angry and get going with me! Stand up for what you deserve, which is everything you are willing to work towards. It takes about three years to change your brain to function as it meant to when you have dark empathy. You are not broken, you are just not functioning as your body was meant to. It is like trying to drive a car in water and pretend it is boat. It just does not work for very long before the whole thing falls apart.

Don’t think you need to eat raw meat like me to get better. My situation was extreme and you all have a lot less to overcome. So make changes to your daily life that you can stick to. Coconut oil and love can change everything, look at my munchies they are proof. You don’t have to believe at first, just believe me.

I am proof that everything works out with good intentions.



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