You & Me: We Are Just Pawns To Them

You know why I can relate to you people more than my family/cult? Because all of us have just been pawns in their bad game of chess. I would say we should follow their lead if they had been able to bring out the excellence and greatness in all of us. However, they adore mediocrity and poverty because they are easier to control. How can we sign up willingly to follow that? Oh yeah they poison us so we can’t think straight.

Today, I saw their fear in you all’s eyes. They all know each and everyone of them deposited their evil in me as a child and now they are scared to pay for what they have done because they never thought this day would come. In turn, they are scaring you because you have never seen them like this before. Well, welcome to the family this is who they really are, it’s shocking huh? Emotions lead to mistakes in war.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” ~ancient proverb



P.S. If I documented you today, don’t be scared of me. Be scared of who I pick to clean up this mess.

P.S.S. To the guy in the truck on the way to Marcola, take binders you have a fatty liver and estrogen dominance is setting in due to it. Pretty soon you will have man boobs. And remember my Brother was born after the real evil died, so you should stay home in the future and try to cultivate greatness in your own life or body.

P.S.S.S. To the guy at the grocery story in Sweet Home, thanks for laughing at my pain. Hating people is really draining and I would just prefer not to do it. I appreciate you.

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