You Realize They Are Planning WWIII, Right?

Gas puzzle pieces again. They won’t ever learn and I realize you have been poisoning the things in my jeep. I remember I gave my Mom a key. Why do you think I have not bought anything nice in years, literally? The lady at the rest stop yesterday who was watching guard for me to go to the bathroom while you got into the jeep was the worst yet. Plus, the guy that was pretending to be a yard care worker was really awful. His energy lit up like a Christmas tree when he talked to me. What does the person who actually kills me get? Hi Lady, you need to retire from evil. You are so close to the point of no return. Did yesterday do the job? Thanks for complimenting my ability to stay calm, I forget I am supposed to be scared of serial killers. I was raised to love them.

You know how I can tell who sired your evil? You channel their energy when you are trying to do evil. It does not become your own evil until you get past the point of no return. It changes your aura. Pretending to be someone else is a dangerous game, but when you believe yourself to be replaceable it is an easy trap to fall into. Thank you to the AMPM gas station attendant tonight who helped me realize this when I saw his soul leave his body when he attempted to be evil. It was really cute! He grew up poor and white, he has no point of reference for great evil, just the mundane.

You know why my evil is more intriguing than my family’s evil? Because it is a conscious choose. I know how to destroy, but I choose not to and instead choose love. You can feel the lengths of my emotional spectrum. This is true power and enlightenment.

My Mom is alive because her people are the military and they are nationwide. These are the people who will become my people because they are apart of my birthright and they own children like me. Thus, they had already intertwined their evil with me before my birth. Has my Mom told my family that she informed me I would die when I wanted to have the last baby? It was after they already sent Step cousin JJ off to boot camp and war. My Mom’s military people have kept her alive all these years. Well, them and her promise to actually kill me.

Ask the military people in Sierra Vista(especially R and Cleveland), I am great at being undercover, displaying my full emotional spectrum, and leaning more towards kindness and love even when destroyed. I saw both my Mom’s evil and Uncle D’s evil in your eyes. My Mom may have turned you, but your loyalty is now to Uncle D. Don’t worry military people, I appreciate that you understand who I am because you know my Mom is scared of me. And I doubt you have ever seen this side of her before. This is her worst nightmare and it just gets worse for her from here, it does not have to be your worst nightmare. I am a forgiving person. I have to be the world has tried to destroy me. R knows my grace, it was the very last thing he expected from me. My Mom has underestimated me my whole life, thus why all the evil people try to discount me. But who else has escaped from their grasp over and over and over for 40 years? I am like the energizer bunny, I just keep going and going. LOL

Uncle D did not leave the family, him and my Aunt N divided and conquered(I am pretty sure this is against the rules set by the church). Each acquiring more people in their current unions. Then they sent two of my cousins off to the military so they could be pushed past the point of no return. I watched my cousin’s Facebook feed. They broke him quickly and beyond repair, there is no way he will say no to domination and control of a nation or world. But they sent two just in case he repairs his heart and soul. And I assume they will send cousin J’s son M to the military too. That way they are guaranteed domination and even more people. Whoever controls the military controls the next world war.

Grandma only got to live 16 years after she had her last child. Lydia had her last child 25-30 years ago. They both fulfilled there predestined commitment and then they were killed. Well, Aunt Lee isn’t quite there yet, but you all are watching it happen just as you have with me my whole life. My family does not respect the women like me. They forgot worthy people need real love to die for something. Shoot, look at how greatly they failed with me. People like me are logical, the only logical reason I would listen to someone not as intelligent as me is love. And when you live in a cortisol storm your whole life your brain is small by the time you come into power.

I would have been the greatest evil of all time, look at my Mom. You all know I am greater than. I see it in your eyes, even in the eyes of the people who think they will win. These people will brag about their moment of interaction with me for the rest of their life and it doesn’t even matter if they win or loose. I think you all have seen that I really hold back because it feels better to be a good person. Being vicious is a lot of work and really gets in the way of my zen.

Have you all tried meditation? Oh geez, it is one of the best things ever!



P.S. I realized Uncle D is not the best, he is just the only one in my family without heavy metal poisoning and extreme candida overgrowth.

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