Your Own Evil Scares You

I sit here absorbing lead through my skin because this morning when I went to the bathroom they threw lead coffee on my Jeep door handles. Well the gas station attendant is hiding behind the gas pump and kind of shaking with fear. Most people die when they get poisoned for this many days with this much lead. But here I am blogging away. Being destroyed is something one gets used to and learns how to overcome. I forgot to turn my hotspot off while I am writing this and he just went inside. Hi Fam!

Okay hotspot off, we are alone again. Do you know how angry being destroyed for over 40 years by people who enjoy murder is? Well, that gives you an idea of why I am who I am. What they did to me I would not wish on anyone, but yet I still believe in being a good person. You people believed them when they told you lies about me. When they told me the truth about you people, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I allow people to show me their true colors. I do not need to take someone else’s word for anything, especially the character of another when their own character is questionable. How long have you all been sheeple? Since about the time I was born, huh?

They made you send my people away, huh? I felt today that some of you all want what I want: To heal my people and break the curse my Mom created. However, it is not up to you because what we want threatens their WWIII. This is why they are still creating children like me and destroying them. They want anti-social people with genius. This is dangerous. I can tell you because I could be a serial killer and not feel bad about it. People have been the roots to all my pain. Why would I feel bad for destroying what has caused me the greatest pain?

It will only get worse if you remain compliant, why are you just waiting for WWIII?



P.s. To the gas station manager who asked me if I was waiting for help, you are a coward. You are dead inside and past the point of return, but you are still scared. I understand you fear watching me die.

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