Your Own Humanity Scares You

I saw today that you all are scared of your humanity. I knew the SS soldiers and fancy families have been running from their humanity, but I never understood how scared you are of your own humanity till today. You all are scared because you know what you have done to others. And the thought of having these things done to you is horrifying. Do unto others … whatever that saying was must have not sunk in for you all.

I do not need to take down you license plates. I can tell who has taken the largest part in destruction. I can see people’s epigenetics and I never really understood until today what I was seeing. I am seeing how much you have destroyed yourself in an effort to destroy others. This is why Mothers have a special darkness about them.

This is also why I can tell who is dead inside when I look at them. This Autism/Aspergers thing let’s me see a lot. Never would I have imagined that when I look into your soul I see more of your humanity than you have ever felt. Because you have blocked it out, so that you can take part in the destruction but still feel like you are in the right.

However, I think you all know you are not in the right otherwise your own humanity would not scare you!


Nicole Graves

License plates: Oregon 051 KVU(had propaine tanks in back of truck, 315 MJK, 703 ELC, 671 DEN, 28820, 08690 u of o plates, 621 JDG, 15837,

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