How To Heal Cancer #9 Mineralize Your Body

Did you know we inherit vitamin and mineral deficiencies from our Mother? We do, so once again you start off with uneven playing ground if you were born into the war games. Also, the heavy metals in poisons, gases, car exhausts, immunizations, processed foods, etc all displace different minerals. So we all have work to do when it comes to getting enough minerals.

Without the right minerals our bodies cannot protect itself. And when heavy metals are in the places of where these minerals should go we experience dis-ease in our bodies. An example would be lead, lead replaces calcium and makes our teeth and bones weak. So the more you have partook in the war games the more you will need to address your dental health. And then you will be faced with dental work that can go wrong and create infections that seep into your bloodstream for a lifetime creating disease and making you more emotional than necessary. It is all a chain reaction. Everything is a chain reaction of destruction.

Where ever you can stop the destruction you can stop the chain reaction. When your body has what it needs it can fight for you, instead of against you. If you have not experienced chronic illness than you need to mineralize your body to keep the disease away. If you are experiencing chronic illness you need to mineralize your body to help yourself heal.

Fulvic minerals are amazing. But also zinc is amazing for everything the more I learn about it. If you have thinning hair, autoimmune disease, or any chronic illness take high dose zinc for a couple months and see if your condition improves, see if your mood improves. The better you feel mentally the more you will heal physically. It is a ying yang experience. Healing is a holistic experience.

Look into minerals they are the building blocks to well being and overcoming the physical effects of the war games that we have both inherited and experienced.

Love Always

Nicole Graves