Dear Security Cameras

Dear Security Cameras

I have enjoyed the safety that you all have provided, thank you. Hi, my name is Nicole D. Graves. I was born in Springfield, Oregon to Donnie and Margarita Graves in March 1981. I grew up in the Kudearoff cult there and have been trying to escape my whole life. Please help me.

The Kudearoff cult are covertly trying to kill me and using gang stalking to do so. Military people from out of state, mainly the Army, are the ones who are the mostly responsible for the daily attempts of my murder, but some locals to Santa Fe, New Mexico are responsible as well. If anything happens to me test my bones for lead and run a tox screen to see what other biochemical weapons and mood altering substances they have been using on me via the grocery store foods and smoke bombs.

I only eat meat and occasionally potatoes and have been in Santa Fe for a couple weeks now. All the grocery stores here have taken part in these attempts of my murder, mostly Market grocery near the Veteran’s Cemetery though. The records of my food purchases are on my USAA credit card ending in 0699. Every time I have returned an item to the grocery stores it has been due to poisoning. Not all the stores have refunded my credit card, but there are enough returns to have left a really good trail for you all to follow. The men who work in the meat department are the most to blame.

This has been going on long enough that it has to be effecting the whole community in Santa Fe. How long can we as a society allow this to continue? My family(aka the Kudearoff cult) is torturing not only me, but all the children and people in the community with poisoned food, water, and smoke bombs. However, people just act as if it is not happening, because they do not want to become hunted like me. I would love if you could help me before I die, but if you have to wait for me to die, then here are the pieces of the puzzle that you need. I have written this blog(and my other blog and recorded you tube videos(these will be great to play for a jury) for documentation. Please stop my family(aka the Kudearoff cult) from poisoning and killing more people in a covert manner, even if you cannot help me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nicole Graves

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