Personal Health 101 Day 3

On day 1, we talked about why your health is your own personal responsibility and something you have to manage yourself.

Let’s say you wanted to conquer the world. First, you would have to enslave the people. Do you think healthy and happy people would be easier to enslave? Or do you think diseased and depressed people would be easier to enslave? If you are trying to conquer the world, it only makes sense to make people diseased and depressed first.

Remember how releasing toxins in the environment inhibits people’s ability to methylate, blocking them from their critical logical mind? Well if you create dysbiosis in their gut, which is the common denominator of all disease and depression, you stop them from standing up for themselves. By creating dysbiosis in humans, you create pushovers who won’t stand up for themselves. You create people who are unsure of themselves, because they don’t trust themselves.

Remember how your mirror neurons are always collecting information with your nervous system and storing this information in your subconscious? Well, people with diverse healthy gut bacteria have more influence and are more popular. Your mirror neurons and nervous system collect information about people’s microbiome because it helps you know who to trust. It let’s you know who you should listen to more.

However, if everyone around you has dysbiosis it will be easier to sell you a ketchup popsicle when you have white gloves on. Your subconscious and your mirror neurons will not know who to trust. And your own dysbiosis will tell you that you cannot trust yourself.

Your health is your personal responsibility because the medical industry aims to disempower you and enslave you. Modern medicine rarely does anything to help you cultivate a diverse healthy microbiome. Most of modern medicine erodes your gut bacteria and creates more disbiosis. Almost all pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs create dysbiosis. And almost all people take drugs in an effort to feel better.

You are more bacteria, parasite, and virus cells than you are human cells. In order to experience health, you have to cultivate your microbiome. You are a bug. Your health relies on you cultivating your bugs. Modern medicine mostly ignores this foundational truth. You have to take responsibility for your own personal health.

On day 2, we talked about how you were born to be you.

There are only about 6 diseases in the world that are caused by just genes. All the rest are epigenetic. So yes, you were born with genes like your family. But that does not mean you have to be like them.

You determine which of your genes are turned on and off by how you live your life, your beliefs, and every decision you make. You choose who you are everyday of your life. You can change any day you choose to. All you have to do is start making different decisions and living differently.

Everyday your body is creating new cells. The mitochondria in each of those cells writes messages into the cell. These messages in every cell of your body add up to be your epigenetics. Yes, you are human. But really you are just a collective of cells. And you are more bacteria, parasite, and virus cells than human cells. But your bugs have epigenetics too.

Everyday you are either becoming a more optimal human or you are becoming more of a subhuman slave race on a gene and cellular level. You get to choose who you are today and who you become tomorrow. So anytime you feel helpless remember you are the master of your own destiny. You decide who you are down to a gene and cellular level. The ultimate control is yours.

Today, on day 3, let’s talk about generational trauma.

You take more after your Mom’s side of the family, right? Everyone does, because we inherit all of our mitochondria from our Mom. Yes, we get 50% of our genes from our Mom and 50% from our Dad. But remember how mitochondria write messages into each cell of your body and those messages add up to be your epigenetics? This means your Mom decided 100% your gene expression.

Remember how we are more bacteria, parasite, and virus cells than human cells? Well, you get all of your mitochondria from your Mom because you inherit bacteria, parasite, and virus cells from your Mom, your Mom’s Mom, your maternal great grandmother, and so on and on. Your microbiome and gut bacteria dictate the health of the mitochondria in each cell of your body. And you get your bugs from your Mom’s side of the family.

Now imagine your maternal great grandmother took antibiotics once because she was deathly ill and almost died. This would allow for the antibiotic resistant bacteria in her body to flourish. And this bacteria would be passed on to your Grandma and Mom and it would flourish in them when they took antibiotics. It’s a snowball effect in bacteria form.

Generational trauma is really just an overgrowth of bad bugs. People have not taken responsibility for their health for generations. So if you wish to not experience dis ease in the same ways as the people in your family, you need to cleanse your body.