Cult Leadership 101 Day 8

On day 1 of introduction to cult leadership, we talked about the foundation. If you build something on a solid foundation it will last forever. Leadership is no different.

First, you need to put your emotions aside and look at people like math equations. Because there is no emotion in math. It’s simply straight forward. The only emotional part is when you can’t seem to get it right. People are like math. They are an equation that is black and white. It’s just frustrating figuring out how to work the equation. Leadership is all in your critical logical mind. And emotions do not exist in your critical logical mind.

Second, you need to be an equal with the people you lead. A wolf doesn’t lead a dog pack. A dog leads a dog pack. If you are looking towards the people you lead to make you feel better about yourself and more important or valuable, you are doing it wrong. You are a leader to help people feel valued. You are a leader to help people find their way in life. And a large part of finding your way in life is finding yourself.

Leadership is about helping people find themselves. If you are looking towards them to help you find yourself, it will be a shit show. And the blind leading the blind. Know Thy Self! And help your people find themselves. They will be more valuable once they know themselves. So it is a win win situation. Plus, they will be grateful for your help getting there.

Third, as an equal you need to get your hands dirty and accomplish things with your people. Leadership isn’t about getting your people to do things for you. It’s about accomplishing things as a team and a group. Know your people and figure out their skills and gifts. This way you can utilize those skills and gifts to everyone’s best interest.

Think about the bosses you have had at work. The bosses who tell you what to do without helping are harder to respect. But the ones who get their hands dirty with you and help accomplish the task at hand are way more enjoyable and relatable. They are easier to bond with.

Being a leader who is an equal and works with his/her people will allow you to create a bond with them. Having people who worship you who you don’t know or enjoy, is just like having a group of stalkers. It’s not fun and it can be dangerous.

You need to create a group of people who will be there for you when times are good or times are bad. And you do that by being there for them when times are good and times are bad. You build your life with these people as they build their lives right along side of you. The more you build together, the stronger your bond and more loyal they will be towards you. You do things with your people. You don’t just shout commands. You build lives together. Yes, they are separate lives. But you build them along side each other. You grow up or grow old together. And lean on each other along the way.

My Grandma Kudearoff was an amazing example of this. She made everyone feel special. She always had time to say hi even when countless people stopped her in the grocery store. Never did she look towards people to make her feel important. She knew she was the boss. And she built lives with the people around her. She may not have been a nice or good lady, but people loved her and she treated her people really well. Her family was a different story. But she treated her people well. Because she understood they were how she became so powerful. They built lives together for decades.

When my Grandma Kudearoff was dying, she worked at the hospital. And she was about 4 months away from retirement when she got so sick she had to stop working. The people who worked with her at the hospital gave her their sick days. She came really close to being able to get her retirement because so many people gave her their sick days. They only did this because she treated them as an equal. They knew she had worked hard just like them. They knew she had struggled just like them. Her struggles were their struggles. It was their bond.

You need people to share your struggles with. You need people who will help you when you really need it. You create these kinds of bonds by putting your ego aside and being an equal with the people in your group. Yes, you are a leader. But first and foremost you are a human. Never forget you are just like everyone else. And they won’t forget either. They will be there for you when you need them. No matter if it is good times or bad times.

Being a leader is about being human and building lives with people.

On day 2, we talked about culture.

People who come together with shared beliefs create a culture. And these shared beliefs create patterns in behavior. Your job as a cult leader is to help instill shared beliefs into your culture.

But how do you actually do that? Well, you create patterns in behavior. And these patterns lead to shared beliefs.

For example, you can teach your people that you celebrate wins of all kinds. And at the end of the school year have a big picnic or party for the kids. You can have anniversary parties, graduation parties, wedding parties, birthday parties, retirement parties, etc. Basically you find any reason to celebrate your people. This will teach them that they are valued, worthy, deserving, and their hard work is recognized.

How you treat people and the activities you all partake in together create shared beliefs. This is the culture that brings you all together.  So celebrate anything and everything. Because why not? It feels good to be happy and celebrate. And because you need to program your people to celebrate themselves often.

You can program your cult following to succeed. Or you can program them to self destruct. But it feels a lot better to be the leader of a culture that is flourishing and happy. 

On day 3, we talked about logotherapy.

Victor Frankl was a psychiatrist who was put into numerous concentration camps during World War 2. He used this time to study people and figure out what made them able to survive. It wasn’t the healthiest, the strongest, or the most positive people who were able to survive the unthinkable conditions in concentration camps during World War 2. It was the people who had meaning in their lives. Meaning allowed people to weather the storm because they knew their life had a purpose. This is logotherapy.

Since then science has discovered that telemares are produced when people are being of service and accomplishing their purposes in life. Knowing your purposes and accomplishing them literally makes you a healthier, happier, more optimal human on a gene and cellular level. Telemares allow your DNA to replicate without flaws. When you lack telemares your DNA starts to have flaws and this causes disease, depression, and aging. Lack of telemares is ultimately why we die.

As a leader, it is your job to help your people find meaning. The more meaning they assign to their life the more human they will be on a gene and cellular level. The more meaning your group has the longer, healthier, and happier lives they will lead. The more meaning your people have, the more they will be able to weather any storm. This is logotherapy. It helps people find meaning.

An example of this would be when everyone in my family tells their people that they are superior and deserve to enslave the people around them and conquer the world. They tell you this is the purpose to your life and your birthright. Because this gives your life meaning. And when people accept this mission as their truth and meaning, they wholeheartedly work towards it.

You can enlist people to enslave the world and tell them this is their purpose in life. And they will accept it. Or you can actually try to help them find their purpose rather than enlisting them in your misguided evil agenda.

On day 4, we talked about Pavlov, narcissism, and conditioning.

Did you know Pavlov was Russian? The communist side of my family is big on using your humanity and biology against you. Communists don’t like people and they especially don’t like themselves. They view people like dogs. And I am sure you have seen how they mistreat animals. As a human, they view you as a dog. The sooner you realize this the safer you will be.

Pavlov conditioned and trained dogs to come and eat when he rang a bell. After awhile he could ring the bell and not offer food and the dogs would still salivate. Training you is no different than how Pavolv trained his dogs.

What are humans addicted to more than food? We all have a c diff infection that changes the way our brain processes dopamine. So we all are addicts. What motivates people more than food? Attention. You all are addicted to attention and heard mentality. The mere thought of being left out or ostracized gets you all to commit crimes against humanity everyday. You fear being left out because you are a junkie for human attention. Puts a whole new meaning to attention whore, huh? You have been genetically modified and conditioned to be an attention whore. Because it makes you incredibly easy to control.

Look at your phone and social media as an example. Your phone rings and your brain creates feel good neurotransmitters. It’s a chemical reaction. It’s the same chain reaction as Pavlov with his dogs. You salivate metaphorically when you think you are about to get attention.

Covert narcissists are big on using this mechanism against you. Communists are more likely to be covert narcissists. While Nazi’s are more prone to being overt narcissists.

So here is the pattern people from my family use. My Dad and uncles do this too now. But my Dad’s Mom and his side of the family wasn’t like this until he married my Mom. Pretty much everyone in the world is like this nowadays.

At first someone will give you a ton of attention. And they will lovebomb you. Giving you all kinds of compliments and talking you up. They make your brain produce all kinds of feel good neurotransmitters. Because they know you get high on them and become addicted. You become addicted to that person because you associate that high from being around them. They literally become your drug of choice.

Then to control you, they ignore you and dont give you the same attention. They train you to do what they want by giving you attention when you do something they are training and conditioning you to do. For example, they start a fight with you and ignore you until you apologize for starting the fight. They are training you to blame yourself and take accountability for their actions and bad behavior. And they reward this behavior by playing nice and giving you all the attention after you apologize. They are ringing the bell and you learn that you have to be accountable and apologize for their actions. And you do it over and over to keep the peace.

This was amazing to watch my parents try to do. They each were trying to condition the other to be subservient. And neither of them really ever won. But they sure tried for many many years.

Be aware when someone tries to make you subservient. Be aware when someone is using your biology against you. And as a leader, treat people well by not abusing them. When you withhold attention or give too much of it, you are abusing people. We have been taught to partake in this dysfunctional power dynamic because it surrounds us in this communist world that tells us we are free everywhere we turn.

As a leader pay attention to people, treat them fairly, and don’t abuse your place of power.

On day 5, we talked about self preservation.

My family showers people with attention when they want something from them. People think they are fancy by association and turn into junkies for their attention. And at some point my family or another cult is going to approach the people in your group in this fashion to try to get something out of them. It is in your best interest to teach your people to not only recognize when people are trying to use them. But also you need to teach them how to say no. Because this other group, family, or cult could be asking them to kill you or feed them information on your group.

It is ridiculous to think this won’t happen to you or your group when we live in a world filled with parasitic people who take, take, take until they kill. It also is probably best to talk to children about killing their parents. People like my family use the people closest to you to kill you.

The best way to prepare for people trying to conquer and kill you is to face the issue head on. We are in a world of ignorant people because people have been allowed to ignore everything. Not only are they allowed to ignore everything, they are encouraged and conditioned to do so. Ignorance ceases to exist when you talk about something. The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is a problem.

Yes, we aime to eliminate people like my family in anyway necessary. However, these people will exist until we change their environment and thus their epigenetics. While we change the world and environment, you all need to have these tough talks with the people in your group. Because it’s the only way to guarantee they wont kill or betray you. When you talk about the hard things you can see people’s true colors. It’s better to see them now rather than when it’s too late.

When I was in LA, at the beginning of this revolution, and the southern LA farmer called everyone out of this war against me, I saw my family’s cult clearly for the very first time. I didn’t know who or what they were. But I saw a group of people not being loyal to where they come from. Even my Dad isn’t loyal to where he comes from. He enslaves people like himself to retain the power the Kudearoffs give him. In a world of helpless people who do not have access to their critical logical mind, this won’t stop.

You need to talk to your people about being loyal to where they come from. You need to talk to them about the consequences of betraying your group. And you need to use positive reinforcement to keep them loyal and safe. If you dont get to know the people who follow you, you just have a group of stalkers. And stalkers kill people everyday.

On day 6, we talked about being foundational to your people.

In a world without much safety, security, or predictability, you need to be apart of the foundation to your people’s lives. You need to create the safety and security we all crave. Safety, security, and predictability are basic human needs. We need to know with certainty that people will be there for us.

When we have this we can attain our potential and purposes with ease. Because we are free to try new things and fail. Knowing that we have our foundation to fall back on. It’s easier to try and do scary things that challenge us when we know we will be safe if it goes really poorly.

By providing a foundation of security for your people you are allowing them to fail their way forward and become more valuable in all ways. People fear failure because they don’t want their whole life to fall apart. So create a foundational environment where your people know it is safe to aim for the moon and hit the stars. Nothing feels better than being supported in the endeavors you choose. Especially, when those endeavors are scary big.

On day 7, we talked about finding your group purpose.

Every human is born with a purpose. Your purpose is a series of events and interactions that you were sent to Earth to have. So your purpose is a series of purposes. It’s not just one thing. Although there often is a common theme tying them all together.

Just as you have a purpose, your group has a purpose. And again that group purpose is not just one thing or event. It is a series of different things over time. Stars are meant to shine on their own. But groups of stars come together to shine and form constellations. Your group is your constellation. You were sent to shine with the people in your group.

Everyone is given skills and gifts to help them accomplish their purpose. And part of the process of figuring out what your purpose is entails sharing your skills and gifts with the world. The first step in finding your purpose is finding your skills and gifts. And then sharing them with the world. This will lead you on a chain reaction to discovering your purpose in life.

As a leader, your job is to help facilitate your group not only finding their group purpose. But also accomplishing it. To do this you take the skills and gifts of your people, put them all together, and figure out how to share them with the world to make a positive impact. No one was put here on Earth with a purpose of destroying the world. Remember symbiotic relationships are the goal in everything.

Part of creating a foundation and security for the people you lead is figuring out the group purpose that brought you all together. The stars were put exactly where they belong. And so were the people in your group.

Today on day 8, let’s talk about family planning.

Many of your groups are based on birthrights. So as a leader, it only makes sense to talk to your people about family planning. And you need to do this from a young age. Ignorance cannot exist when you stop ignoring things and discuss them.

Young girls need to know men will try to get them pregnant to steal their birthrights and enslave them. And young boys need to know women will try to get pregnant with their baby to steal their birthrights and enslave them. After this occurs they will be stuck in a lifelong battle to see who can make the other subservient. No one ever wins this battle and the child and group are the ones who pay the biggest price.

If you are from a group of mixed people, who have used marriage and breeding to conquer others for generations, it is necessary to talk to them about letting their birthrights die with them. This will allow for more checks and balances in the power structure of this stupid imaginary game.

My birthrights have cost me everything. This amount of power is inhumane. The world has been trying to kill me for over 4 decades. And I know no one in my family has what it takes to utilize this power better than me. The only way I can guarantee I do not perpetuate my pain and pass it onto another is by getting my whole family to stop breeding. Otherwise the world is at risk of dealing with more unthinkable disasters.

No way could I have children knowing what they would be expected to do. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I can’t guarantee my kids will be like me. And I know my family is not good with responsibility. So the only answer is to stop the madness. This needs to be presented to mixed people as a way out. Because many of us have suffered our whole lives because of our family’s overwhelming lust and greed for power.

Also, you need to talk to your people about the gender of their children. Important birthrights need to go to women. Because sperm can be extracted from a dead body up to 36 hours after death. All someone needs to do is kill your son and take his sperm to enslave your family and group forever. And thus the world.

But it rarely takes that because men are more prone to emotional addiction and are easier to manipulate than women. Because men are more prone to dyslexia. Meaning they more creative brain based. Creativity is an emotion. When you are emotionally based with a c diff infection that makes you an addict because it changes the way your brain processes dopamine, you are addicted to your emotions. This is why it’s so easy for women to get pregnant by men they want to steal birthrights from.

The Kudearoffs love their boys because they are easier to control. They can manipulate them into doing and being whatever they want. However, this leaves them very vulnerable. See how being emotional can become your biggest downfall?

Logic is always the answer. Especially, when it comes to breeding and family planning. The decisions your people make about breeding will effect the world. Don’t let them get caught up in emotions. Reproducing is about logic, it’s not emotional. It’s about making the best decisions for the future and world. People making emotional decisions is how we all got into this mess. Destruction is not logical. It is an emotional response that is maladaptive.