Other People’s Money

My family had all these weird little sayings my whole life. And I never really understood them until this revolution. “It’s better to be feared than loved,” is one I never understood until the past few years. This is pretty much their wargames motto.

However, another saying that never made sense till very recently is, ” Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” My family recently inflated the stockmarket with a big wave of money. And I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Well, that is until last night. My family likes to pretend they are a royal family from Louis the 18th days. And they have created a court around them. This is explained fully in the books that make up their cult Playbook.

My family has finally tapped into the people they keep in their court. My Grandma Kudearoff had people she kept close, but she also had friends. My mom and her siblings and my Dad, do not have friends. They only have enemies. And they keep these people close. But these people have no clue my family views them as enemies. They feel privileged to be kept so close, not understanding why my family keeps them close.

Louis the 18th did not have doors in the palace of Versailles because he wanted to hear everything that was happening. This is why my family keeps their enemies so close and treats them as friends. It allows for them to know their business and limit their experience in any way that will be beneficial to my family. No one kept close to my family is allowed potential. Privilege is their prison. But yet they rarely see it. Because somehow my family brainwashes them to believe they are the chosen ones. People get drunk on feelings of belonging and loose sight of everything else.

I need to connect with the people my family keeps in their courts. But they keep these people extremely sheltered. Even after being in Eugene/Springfield for almost 3 years, these court members have absolutely no clue I’m still alive. I need your help reaching these people. The sooner we reach these people the sooner we exhaust my family’s greatest resource. Other people’s resources and power will forever be my family’s greatest resource. They never do anything for themselves. They always get other people to do things for them. The sooner we eliminate this option for them, the sooner we obtain our freedom.

Here are some maps I drew of where these people live. Remember I’m logic brain based so drawing maps is not in my wheelhouse. I need you all to get me connected with the people who live in these shaded grids I have created. These most valuable court members live in Thurston, Springfield, North Eugene, and West Eugene. And my Grandma Kudearoff’s friends live in Glenwood and Southwest Springfield. My family has warred on my Grandma Kudearoff’s friends. I’m guessing it’s because they stood up for themselves just like I did. My family hates people who do not fully submit immediately. And they tend to make examples out of these kind of people, just like they did with me. It allows for people to live in fear of them and ties right into their wargames motto:  “It’s better to be feared than loved.”

I’m going to need everyone’s help reaching the people in my family’s court. These people’s money is how my family is continuing to rig the stockmarket. Once we reach these people we are guaranteed a brand of freedom we have never known before. And then my family will be in a prison they literally created for themselves. I sure love irony. How about you?

Excuse more poor mapping skills, I’m new to creating revolutions and figuring out imaginary lines that rule this stupid imaginary game still. It’s all so ridiculous. But here we are.