Reprogramming Your Subconscious-Day 1

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Sure, some factors will help your brain rewire faster. But as long as you listen to this repeatedly, it will change your brain for the better. Thus, changing who you are on a gene and cellular level and making you more human.

Motion creates emotion. And emotion helps to change your brain. So I encourage you all to do something while listening to this. Folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, walking your dog, yoga, deep breathing, etc will all help this information sink into your subconscious quicker. Plus, getting things done will also create positive emotion and make you want to listen to this more. The more repeative habitual movement you do while listening, the more your brain will change.

Another very important and effective tactic for reprogramming your brain is to listen to this right before you go to sleep or fall asleep listening. Breath deep, relax, and just let it all seep into your subconscious mind. The less you try to do, the more it will work. Have you seen those pictures where you have to unfocus your eyes in order to see the picture? Your brain is just like that. The more you relax, let loose, and just let it happen, the more change you will experience.

Also, headphones will increase the effect of these talks. Your brain takes things more seriously when it cannot tell if the voice is coming from inside your head or outside. This is why headphones are a bit dangerous. No matter what you are listening to your brain thinks it’s you talking to yourself. It’s a computer. It takes things literally. You are literally putting another voice in your head. If you do not like headphones, don’t use them. I do not prefer them and was able to reprogram myself without them.

There are no right or wrong ways to do this. Just do what works and feels best for you. Everyone is different. I like really strong black coffee. But you may not. Sure it has to do with our taste buds, but mostly it has to do with the way our brain filters the signals from our nervous system. My brain is different than yours because my brain is wired differently because we all live differently everyday. What feels best for you today is what you should do. And what feels best for you today may not feel best 6 months from now when your brain has changed.

This is not going to be much different than my other talks. We are just going to talk about all the things I have wanted to share with the world for a lifetime. If you have been tuned in for awhile, I am sure you have heard most of these things already. But reprogramming your subconscious mind is about repetition. And it’s not really about remembering these things I talk about with your logical brain. It’s about just letting them in to literally sink in. It’s like steeping tea. You just have to hang out with the tea bag in your mug and you get tea.

Everyday we will talk about a lot of the same things. And I will slip in new things here and there. This will allow your brain to cling onto what it likes. When you think you are allowing your subconscious programs to run. Over 90% of your day your subconscious mind is running the show because you are thinking. Spacing off is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for your brain. Sure, you can call this meditation or flow state. But really it’s just a state of being at ease and not over thinking everything.

Life is supposed to put us at ease. Your life is easy. When you are at ease, everything is easy. Even complex things can be easy. When you are not at ease, you are creating dis-ease in your life and especially in your body. It’s not lazy to want life to be easy. It’s how you were designed to be and run.

When you feel fear, it prevents your body and immune system from healing. And when you are stressed or feeling fear it stops your brain from working properly. So the most revolutionary thing you can do everyday is learn how to be and stay calm. Life has it’s ups and downs. But it’s easier to handle everything when you are calm.

I encourage you all to get excited about life. And really learn how to change your perspective on anxiety. Maybe it’s just excitement about the unknown? Living in the present moment is also very helpful in putting yourself at ease. This all sounds really nice, right? But how are you supposed to do this?

Everyone always says to calm down and to breath, but I know that has rarely been enough in my own life. I was stuck in a hyperactive fear state for most of my life. And I bet you all can relate to this more than you want to really admit. There are countless science things that are happening in your body in order to create this fear state that causes dis-ease. And me explaining all of those fancy science things doesn’t really help you too much on a daily basis, because it doesn’t change your subconscious mind. So yes you need to take magnesium, potassium, vitamin K2, and countless other vitamins and supplements. But I want to give you a way to turn your fear response off that’s free and you can do any time you need to. Ten seconds and you can reset your fear response from your reptilian brain. And if ten seconds doesn’t work, then do it again. Rarely does it take more than 30 seconds to get a sense of relief from using this technique to reset your brain.

Look straight ahead and without moving your head move your eyes back and forth from side to side. It doesn’t matter if it is right to left or left to right. Do what feels best for you. This is a way to hack the program running in reptilian brain that causes the overactive fear response from the amygdala damage we all have. This will help you learn how to self soothe.

Being calm is a superpower. And often people in my family cult like to make you think they have it. But there is a big difference from being a calm human and an uninvested sociopath. Being sensitive and aware of your nervous system is your super power as a human with humanity. You just have to know how to turn it off when it overwhelms you. This rapid eye movement is how you turn your nervous system off for a moment. It allows you to breath and filter all the information through your brain. We get overloaded with information from our nervous system and our brain can’t catch up. This is what you need to do to stop the information from overloading your brain. It gives it the few seconds it needs to catch up, take a deep breath, and organize all this new information to make sense.

Often being overwhelmed just means you’re really good at collecting information and your brain just needs some time to catch up and sort it all out. Over stimulation from too much input creates a state in your body much like that of fear. Stress is stress. And often stress is just a sign your brain and body need time to catch up and you are pushing too hard. Stress can be good too. You just have to learn to know when your body or brain needs a minute to catch up.

It’s like when I’m walking my dog Haywood off leash and he finds something that smells really good to him. He has to take an extra minute to filter that information from his nervous system, and nose, through his brain. But all I have to do is pause for a minute to give him time and he catches up. Your brain just needs to catch up to your nervous system in order to make sense of everything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You live in a world that is overstimulating and filled with more information than ever before in human history. You are doing more than your human body was designed for. You are not broken, you are a genius trying to sort out all the books of information you have in your library of a brain. Every library was unorganized until the Dewey decimal system was created. And if the Dewey decimal system doesn’t make sense or work for you, do what works for you. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to organize your brain and nervous system. What wires together fires together, and your brain is unique to you.

What works best for you is to find what works best for you. I can tell you how I do things but my brain is different. Everyone’s brain is different. Your gut controls how you use your brain. Which means your microbiome and gut bacteria dictate how you use your brain. And your gut bacteria and microbiome have epigenetics of their own that effect your epigenetics. We all are very different from each other. And we all are changing every minute of every day. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.

Life is meant to be easy. You just have to figure out what puts you at ease. Self soothing and learning to be calm is where everything comes together. Your immune system, your brain, your body, your soul, and your heart need you to be calm and at ease in order to be the person you are meant to be. The more you are able to remain calm while inputting the overwhelming information from the world through your nervous system and learning to store and organize that information in your brain the more powerful you will be.