Journaling Questions-Day 1

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/aka Journaling and Talking To Yourself

I invite you to write/journal about this experience. This is where you will see how much you have grown individually. And over time if you keep doing this, you will see your programming and efforts really start to shine through and show.

Questions to ask yourself…

What did you see or feel? What would you like to see change or happen in your life? What are you excited about and looking forward to creating in your life? How has your life changed recently that is motivating you? What are your dreams and goals? How are you actively working towards achieving these everyday? What do you want to start doing to continue to see more progress in your life?

What is something you need to work on Not doing in order to increase your progress and productivity? How are you holding yourself back from the things you really want? How are you stopping yourself from being the person you were born to be? Are you honoring your hierarchy of needs and wants to get the most satisfaction out of life? Where can you do better?

Give yourself credit where credit is due. What are you proud of yourself for doing? How have you seen growth in yourself lately? How can you encourage yourself to grow more? Have you given yourself positive reinforcement and/or a healthy reward for this growth?