Reprogramming Your Subconscious Day 4

On day 1, we talked about how it takes repetition to program your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is where your beliefs are held. Your beliefs create your reality. And it takes repetition to change your beliefs. All you have to do is listen to these talks and discussions repetitively and you will reprogram your subconscious mind and change your beliefs.

However, we also talked about a couple things you can do to improve the speed of this change in your subconscious and your belief system. You can partake in movement while listening to these talks and that will create more plasticity in your brain. This movement can be walking your dog, doing dishes, dancing, yoga, deep breathing, etc. Movement allows for your brain to learn and grow quicker while taking in new information. And you can listen to these talks right before you go to sleep or right when you wake up. This will also allow for this information to sink into your subconscious mind quicker.

And lastly you can listen to these talks with headphones. Your brain cannot distinguish between the voice in your ears and the voice in your head. So anything you listen to with headphones your brain takes personally like you are saying it. This can be dangerous, but you can use this tactic for helping you reprogram your brain more quickly too.

If you want to take these extra steps to the limits feel free to do so. Listening before bed or when you wake up with headphones, while deep breathing or partaking in movement of some sort will allow you to see great change very quickly. But repetition is the only real requirement. You were programmed as a child with repetition and as an adult that is how you go about changing your beliefs aka your subconscious programs.

On Day 2, we talked about how you not only have to give your brain breaks to catch up with your nervous system. But you also have to teach your brain how to filter information. Your nervous system is a hoader and collects all the information it can get its hands on. While your brain is the curator of the library that is your brain. Your ability to filter information and only store useful information dictates the value of your library. You need to avoid collecting useless information and creating a junkyard, because the value of your library is your value as a human.

On Day 3, we talked about how you need to know yourself in order to be able to filter information well. Your library is a collection of information that will help you accomplish your dreams, goals, and purpose in life. If you do not know yourself, you will not know the information you need.

We also talked about how you go through the actual process of getting to know yourself. It’s a lot like getting to know someone else. You have to let yourself just be. You are a human being. You don’t get to know yourself by making a list of the things you like. You get to know yourself by just being with yourself and spending time not judging or criticizing yourself. Much like you spend time with someone else to get to know them, you do this with yourself. And this often involves doing activities you enjoy. When you are in a state of joy, you are who you were meant to be. Finding the activites that bring you joy is how you find yourself. You are a human being and finding yourself is about states of being.

Today on day 4, let’s talk about how you go about collecting information. Your nervous system is always collecting information. Everything around you is energy and you are a magnet. You are always collecting information, even if you don’t realize it. Your body and brain were designed to keep you alive. And that means it needs to know as much as possible.

There are two inheritance systems. There is the behavioral inheritance system and the symbolic inheritance system. Almost everything you know came from these two systems. And they are pretty self explanatory.

The behavioral inheritance system is when you learn from other people. Specifically from watching people. Where the symbolic inheritance system is also about learning from other people, but it’s from written symbols. This system began with hieroglyphics and includes written words, maps, charts, graphs, etc.

There will be some things you learn on your own separate from these two systems. But those things you learn on your own will still probably utilize parts of information from other people. We are surrounded by people everyday. It’s our culture and our environment. A cell can only be as healthy as it’s environment allows for. So the people around you dictate more about you than you probably want to admit.

Let’s say you have dyslexia or another condition or preference that cuts you off from the symbolic inheritance system. Then you are going to be more reliant on the behavioral inheritance system. You have heard the saying, “Monkey see monkey do,” right? This is describing the behavioral inheritance system. Because when you see someone do something your brain reacts as if you are doing the thing. This is your mirror neurons firing and creating a chain reaction in your brain.

When a monkey sees another monkey eat a new type of banana and peel it in a certain way, he can take that information and utilize it without much fear, if any at all. But most animals do not try to enslave each other and take over the world. Humans have this weird tendency to try to enslave the people around them and take over the world. And they use the behavioral inheritance system to do it. Monkey see, monkey do.

Let’s say you see a human eating a banana in a grocery store parking lot as you load up your groceries. Now your brain has fired to make you think you ate the banana. This means you are more likely to not only buy the banana the next time you are grocery shopping. But you are more likely to eat the banana. However with humans being the terrorists or conquerors they are in this modern day world, you have no clue if that banana has been genetically modified and altered to harm you by negatively affecting your epigenetics and making you more subhuman on a gene and cellular level. But your brain after seeing that person eat the banana in the grocery store parking lot thinks that banana is safe. And it thinks you have already eaten one.

Another example of how humans use the behavioral inheritance system to hurt people would be Hitler in WWII. He convinced the people in Germany to treat the Jewish people poorly and inhumanely. There were some people who felt uncomfortable with this and they knew it was wrong. But over time after seeing the people around them that they respected and had been neighbors with for a lifetime starting to treat the Jewish people poorly, they started to do it too. And they accepted what Hitler said about them. They believed their mistreatment of the Jewish people was acceptable because everyone around them was doing it.

Would you jump off a bridge if everyone around you was doing it? Your mirror neurons in your brain are set up to make you jump off a bridge if everyone around you is doing it. Of course, there is freewill. So you can use your intelligence and critical thinking to overcome the destruction and/or stupidity of the people around you. But you have to realize you are set up biologically for monkey see monkey do. Who ever created us as humans did not design us to take into account that we would try to enslave each other and conquer the world.

Another example would be social media. Except social media is a mix of both the symbolic inheritance system and the behavioral inheritance system. Everyone online is an expert, right? When you watch the videos on YouTube of what I ate in a day or what I did in a day. Your brain is firing and wiring those things in your brain, as if you did them. Which could be helpful if you were watching a master at something you were trying to achieve.

But the thing is that even when someone is a master, they aren’t the same master you would be. Our environment is what dictates our health and our potential. Someone who is a master at hunting here in Oregon isn’t going to be a master in Greenland without making some adjustments. Mastery is dependent on environment.

Also, think about food. We all have mastered eating by the time we are an adult. However, environment is what dictates health. So one person could be in an environment that causes bad health. But they were able to change their diet to make up for that environmental factor. Diet is environment. When you take food from your outside environment and eat it, you are making it your internal environment. Basically what one person eats today may be right for them in this moment in time. But their environment is different than yours in countless ways. What I eat in a day videos are a great example of humans trying to enslave each other and conquer the world using mirror neurons and the behavioral inheritance system.

The lesson in this is to be aware of the information you are taking in from your environment. When you know better you can do better. But if you think it’s just you that is making the decisions in your brain, you would be extremely wrong. All the people in your environment are programming your subconscious mind. Your beliefs are dictated by your subconscious mind. And everyone around you and in your environment is reprogramming your subconscious mind. Even that person on YouTube half way around the world is programming your subconscious mind.

Awareness is always the first step in overcoming anything.