Klammath Falls to Oakridge-Day 1027

Sometimes the most amazing things we see, we don’t notice. Because we see them everyday. And take them forgranted. When you see something beautiful or someone you love your brain releases feel good chemicals and neurotransmitters. It’s a chemical reaction. It’s the human experience. But just like drugs we develop a tolerance to these chemicals.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder because it’s like a detox from the chemicals in our brains, aka the drugs our brains naturally produce. We live in a world filled with foods and many other things that light up our pleasure centers and ours brains. Because they aime to get us addicted.

Have you ever fasted, alone, without television, or music and just remembered what you feel like at your normal set point? When is the last time you felt the person you are without all the add ons? Because if you don’t remember who you are, you won’t remember who others are either.

Love is always the answer. But not if you take it forgranted. Because you have flooded your brain with feel good chemicals from countless fake things.