Tues April 30th 2024 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Taurus A letter and Update to my revolutionary people

I need to take a break from our daily reprogramming sessions. Lately they have been keeping me up all night with poisons and poisoning my food more and everything else you can think of. I need to prioritize taking care of myself and retreating inside in order to make sure I dont get emotional and make a mistake we all wont recover from.

I want you all to know I appreciate you and everything you do to be revolutionary. Change is hard, otherwise everyone would do it. And it’s not easy to change when faced with so much push back. I completely understand the consequences believe me. I live the consequences daily and for decades.

You all give me hope that humanity is worth fighting for. And I want you all to know I’m fighting for each of you. When I want to give up I think about all the people who have supported me and helped. And it’s overwhelming. If you all are willing to fight for me, I have to fight for you.

So please know I love our reprogramming sessions, but I just have to prioritize myself in this moment. Life just keeps getting harder and I just have to adjust and get better at dealing with it all. Or maybe soon things will get better? I have hope that someday it will get better. I just don’t know when. So for now I just have to develop more processes and systems to stay alive and healthy. And maybe even a bit happy and hopeful.

Remember to do your you and I statements. I try to listen to mine when I eat, but I forget somedays. It takes an average of 66 days to cement something into your brain. So repetition is key! I will start creating an outline for our next program. It’s going to be on health. Make sure and listen to reprogramming part 1 and 2 and cult leadership too. 66 times is mastery!

Thank you for your understanding. Also, I have a favor to ask. Everyday at 4pm will you take a moment to say a little prayer or a few good words for me and the world we are creating? If everyone does this in every time zone, then we will have a positive ripple effect and wave throughout the world every hour. Waves are powerful, look at the beaches to the ocean. Group meditation changes the world. It sounds hippie but it will make me feel better. I will think of you all at 4pm everyday. It’s a date in the quantum field.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves