An Outline For Healing Cancer

Here is an outline/mind dump so you know what parts you want to read about or if you want to read the whole thing. Also, this is great if you just want to try a couple things here and there.

  • worm pills (rx, over the counter, and natural)
  • heal leaky gut
  • address candida
  • red light therapy & tanning
  • cryotherapy
  • sauna & cold showers
  • heavy metal detox
  • cancer killing herbs/spices/vitamins
  • remineralize your body
  • vitamins-nutrition is key
  • no sugar/no fiber/low carb diet
  • lower cortisol
  • walking & stretching/yoga
  • detox baths
  • sauna
  • make your own body products
  • eliminate chemicals in your cleaning products and home
  • fasting and intermittent fasting
  • binders
  • essential oils
  • herbal tea
  • sleep
  • meditation
  • mindset
  • find your purpose/why
  • love-you need love and self love
  • distractions/forward momentum in life outside of healing
  • address addictions-don’t necessarily have to eliminate them all at once

Okay that is it, I know it looks like a lot, but please take into consideration it normally takes over a decade for cancer to grow so healing means changing the way you live. I am sure I will think of a few more steps once I get to writing out each step, but everything overlaps in the end so it is hard to miss something if you are paying attention to what your body needs and asks for.

Healing is love, love always,

Nicole Graves

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