Sunday-Moon In Pisces & Sun In Virgo

Well, Virgo season is upon us. Leo season was just the fiery event I needed to revive my motivation to keep going the rest of the year. 2021 is over halfway over. Where did the year go? I know I spent the year running/adventuring from my family cult and discovering some of the covert rules that have complicated my whole life. Who would have thought at the beginning of this year that I would end up here at my Mom’s house? I know, not me. This is a special kind of hell for me, but it is also a comfort zone of dysfunction. Overcoming my family cult and their beliefs/values has been a lifelong burden for me. However, now I just understand it all more.

Where would you go if you were me? Do you drink the water? How does the biochemical warfare effect your emotional spectrum? Have you ever even thought about what the chemical and biochemical warfare does to you personally? Have you thought about what you can do to minimize the effects of your exposure to this toxic world? Have you ever taken action on these thoughts?

The biochemical warfare raises cortisol more than just the Autism alone. This limits the body’s ability to communicate with the universe and process emotions/feelings. Long term exposure makes people forget they are missing something. Then they look at people like me like I am less than and I am missing something. When in actuality you all are missing so much and you don’t realize it because it has become your comfort zone.

Comfort is how my family cult kills you and keeps you small. Your gut bacteria is what keeps you small and how they control your “freewill”. They equip humans with a self destruct option with all the immunizations, antibiotics, “modern” medicine, and processed poisoned foods. Why do you not want to learn about your potential? Why do you not want to experience the potential not only of your abilities, but of your body and in turn the world/society. Why do you fear the unknown? Why do you want to talk/gossip about people who venture away from the heard, instead of exploring the world yourself? Do you realize gossip is a trauma response where you are trying to grasp the collective consciousness that will allow you to live in the same shared delusion as others, aka mainstream society.

Why do you choose to be like this?


Nicole Graves

“Destruction is the greatest weakness. In destroying others you destroy yourself.” ~Me

NLP & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Nuero Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool in narcissistic abuse recovery. Programming yourself to value who you are as an independent individual is vital in healing. Finding security in being an individual is an uphill battle until you realize how to reverse the brainwashing of narcissistic abuse.

Remember when the world went dark in the early 1980s? Well, the style of NLP used during this period is the tactic most narcissists use. It is basic and not hard to overcome. Simply tell yourself “You” statements.

  • You are a good person.
  • You are deserving and worthy.
  • You are loved.
  • You are born possessing greatness.
  • You are worthy of the life of your dreams.
  • You are worthy of anything you are willing to work towards.
  • You will achieve your goals.

It will only take a month or two of consistently saying “You” statements to realize they are true and feel it in you mind, body, and soul. It takes less than five minutes a day to change your brain. Can you spare five minutes today? How about tomorrow?


Nicole Graves

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