I Wish I Could Show You All What I See In People’s Eyes

I am currently parked in a Raley’s parking lot near a Ft. town on I5 in Northern Cali(later edit: Yreka, California). The poor young guy who checked me out was so nervous, please know I did not mean you any harm. Remember good people deserve good things. Also remember when you do evil on your own that is when they will start asking you to do evil for them. Keep your nose clean, smoke some weed, and take binders.

A young military mother with a newborn was so nervous as well. It was all she could do to look away both times we crossed paths in the store. I bet she has recently been made apart of the Mother’s club, where they teach you to destroy your children. 43% of children born today will have at least one chronic illness by the time they are 18. If this does not scream dark empathy, I do not know what does.

When I look into people’s eyes, I see their thoughts, life, beliefs, etc. I see everything. The best description I have found so far is I read people’s Akashic records when I see their energy, but especially their eyes. Everyone like me has special abilities that cannot be understood by the reptilian brain. This is why we are such a threat. We know more and it scares them. You cannot control what you do not know(kind of like emotional intelligence).

Would you like me to read your Akashic Records? Send me an email. I will send you my Venmo and you can tell me what you would like me to channel for you that will help you reach your greatest potential. I am obsessed with potential because mine was stolen from me. Let me help you achieve yours.

Email: Raves4Nicole@gmail.com

I can see myself in each and every one of you.



P.S. To the guy in the water isle, thanks for playing along. I bet water from Flint is not much worse than Eureka, California.