Television: Mind Control, Emotion Control, & Hormonal Control

If you wanted to influence people that you had already made more suseptable to suggestion, wouldn’t it be nice if they just watched this box full of pictures you created for them? Your mind does not know the difference between real life, visualization, and/or tv. If your mind does not know the difference, that means it will influence your hormones, your emotions, and your reality just as if it is real life. Your whole limbic system and reality are changed when you watch tv and/or play video games.

This is why the 90’s generation is so different, well part of why. The Xbox generation is literally a different species on a gene level, but then take into account that their mind, body, emotions, and thus souls have been programmed since the beginning with video games and tv. Those of us who grew up without all the electronics that this generation had access too have a hard time relating to them. Not to mention them being the first generation to grow up with WiFi and we have no long term studies on how that effects people in the long term on a physical or mental level.

When you hand over your mental picture to a source outside of yourself, you are handing over control of your body, mind, and spirit. Even if it is a good tv show, it is still a form of brainwashing. Tv is fun, don’t get me wrong, it can be pleasurable. But just know what you are doing when you take part in television. Your brain, body, and soul do not know the difference between television and meditation/visualization. Should you be altering your epigenetics with the information you are taking in from television? Because it only takes 4 days of meditation/visualization to change your epigenetics. Are you willing to take responsibility for what you watching on a gene level because it is changing you?

You are what you watch.

Love Always

Nicole Graves