Mind Control & Hormone Imbalances

If you are confused about who you are, you are going to be not only easier to control and manipulate, but you will also be more open to suggestion and vulnerable to brainwashing. In the 1980’s hardly anyone, but alcoholics had fatty liver disease. Now almost all of us have fatty liver to a certain extent, even children. And fatty liver leads to estrogen dominance when your liver is unable to balance your hormones.

Have you noticed how men are more in their feminine energy nowadays? Have you noticed how women are more in their masculine energy nowadays? Well, women today almost all have PCOS to a certain extent due to all the chemicals and toxins in the world and systems. This allows for more “male” hormones in women. The carb filled diets that we are sold as the Standard American Diet is also a factor in PCOS. Insulin plays a large role, because it is too a hormone.

So, women are more masculine because they have more “male” hormones. And men are more feminine because they have more “female” hormones. Do you think this has anything to do with the confusion on pronouns nowadays? Maybe the LGBTQ community was literally designed and created by the modern world we live in? If they can confuse us about who we are, we can easily be controlled when we are trying to figure out the rest of who we are. When we do not know ourselves on the very first building block of who we are, we can be swayed on all the other things we are, because we feel uncertainty. When we are uncertain we are easily controlled. When we feel out of balance on the inside we will look towards the outside for balance and to steady us.

When you know who you are you, you look inside for your equalibrium. However, when you do not know yourself, down to a gender level, you can be persuaded about almost anything.

Balancing your hormones is the most revolutionary act you can take to start the process of finding yourself.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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