How To Heal Cancer #4 Red Light Therapy & Tanning

By now you all are starting to get the idea that healing cancer is all about lowering the load on your immune system, right? Anything you can do to make your body have less work to do to maintain homeostasis and health will help you heal cancer. All the little things you do in your daily life are what really matter. The big thing you do here and there is not as impactual as the little things you do daily, for the most part. I am sure there are some exceptions, but you get the idea.

Red light therapy is amazing and helps your body heal on a mitocondiral (sp?) level. Basically it helps you heal on a cellular level. It is amazing and easy and enjoyable. What I did was order a full spectrum red light bulb off Amazon and put it in a lamp by my bed when I was in Arizona. These are great for pets and kids as well. My dog Haywood has Lupus and when he would get burned and have a flar the red light would help him recover two or three times as fast. So anyone who gets sun burned should invest in one.

Also, red light helps your skin heal scars and stretch marks. It takes time, but over time you will notice a difference. It is great for renewing aged skin. And if it is making so much of a difference on your skin, you can only imagine what it is doing on the inside of your body. I have heard people using it to help heal their leaky gut. Whenever I was having an autoimmune flare red light or sunlight on my tummy always helps relieve the inflammation in my body. Not quite sure the reason, but if it works it works. If you know about autoimmune flares it is all about finding relief you do not question why because pain relief is priceless.

Red light, tanning, and sunlight all lower your viral load and help your body fight off everything. Of course tanning should be monitored and not overdone, but sunshine is healing in whatever form you choose. Candida is lowered by light because it is a yeast. Just get some light everyday and you will start to feel better. This I can guarantee. And if you are going to be using lights in your home, why not get a full spectrum red light? It just makes sense and is logical to do what is best for you, and your pets and children! Life and health is all about the little things!

Love Always

Nicole Graves